Beauty: 5 Skincare Myths You Need To Unsubscribe From


When it comes to skincare, we have all fallen victim to believing a myth or two at least once in our lives. The internet has become this giant black hole of information and it can get pretty confusing for anyone seeking help. As people become increasingly aware of the food they eat and the products they use in regards to skincare, the more it gets out of control. So how do you know what is fact and what is myth? It is important to do thorough research and when possible consult a professional. For now, let’s talk about some skincare myths your need to be aware of.

If The Product Is Burning, It Means It Is Working

Let us contradict famed musician Usher for a minute and ‘Not let it burn’. People have slowly jumped onto the chemical exfoliators bandwagon. We no longer cringe when we hear ‘acid’ as a skincare product. While there have been many positive reviews about chemical exfoliators, a lot of people are still missing the point. Our skin is complex and different and not every product will suit everyone.  If it is burning, causing your skin to be red or inflamed, let that product go. When you feel that burn, it means your skin is irritated and wants out.

Use Aggressive Products If You Have Acne-Prone Skin

It can be sensible to assume that since people with normal skin use simple products, you need to dial it up a notch if you have acne-prone skin. That is not always the case. While acne presents itself in a similar way such as whiteheads, blackheads, pimples, cysts etc., it is caused by different issues. From diet, fluctuating hormones to stress. Jumping straight to using aggressive products may end up irritating your skin more and aggravate your acne.

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Avoid Using Oils If You Have Oily Skin

Your skin is overproducing oil so you should not pile on more right? Not quite. People with oily skin may choose to use products that strip them of their natural oils and avoid moisturizing afterwards. However, when your skin is too dry, it tends signals to the sebaceous glands to produce more oil. Moisturizing after cleansing your skin, keeps your skin hydrated keeping the oil levels balanced. However, it is important to note that you should use light oils so that your pores do not get clogged easily.

You Do Not Need Sunscreen On Cloudy Days

This is for the people in the back. ALWAYS WEAR YOUR SUNSCREEN. Whether it is sunny or cloudy. Why? Even on a cloudy day, when we cannot see the sun, UV rays still penetrate the clouds and can penetrate your skin.  So even if your skin feels cool in the breeze, your skin is still absorbing harmful rays. Additionally, sunscreen is not only for those people who wear products that are sensitive to the sun.

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Steam From Hot Water Opens Your Pores

This is a myth as old as time. The truth is, your pores are not doors; they do not open and close but they can dilate. Your pores are always ‘open’ so steaming them does not bring about that effect. This is not to say that steaming your face is not beneficial. It is. But not because it opens your pores, but the heat from the water loosens the dirt and oils clogged up in your pores which helps cleanse your skin. The Benefits Of Steaming And How To Do It At Home

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