Fashion: 8 Ways To Style A Classic Leather Jacket

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Leather jackets became a trendy statement piece in the late ’50s during the golden age of rock ‘n’ roll and since then, it has never gone out of style. It’s not only a wardrobe staple for both men and women that have transcended time but also it’s an essential clothing item during the cold season. It’s versatile and can be styled for a formal or casual event which could be the reason behind its popularity. Here are some trendy ways to style this jacket.

  1. Ragged Jeans

This is one of the classic ways to style a leather jacket which is inspired by the grunge culture. All you need is a pair of ragged jeans, a graphic t-shirt, and sneakers to pull off this look. Additionally, it works for both men and women. If you want to make this look more feminine, you can wear a crop top and more fitted jeans.

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  1. Little Black Dress

A leather jacket with a little black dress is like a match made in heaven for a sophisticated look. You can never go wrong with the black on black look. Additionally, this outfit looks effortlessly chic hence can be worn for a date night or a casual night event. Different Ways You Can Glam Up Your Little Black Dress

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       3. Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are ideal for cold weather. Paired with this jacket, this outfit not only keeps you extra warm but also you get some style points. It can be worn for both formal and casual events depending on the accessories. For this look, you can keep it simple by wearing a plain jumpsuit or flare it up with a printed jumpsuit. Fashion: How To Style A Jumpsuit For Any Occasion

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  1. Fitted Skirt

For a casual Friday look at the office, pair your official skirt with this classic jacket. This adds an edgy touch to your more formal wear but still looks official. You can accessorize with a chic belt, an official bag, and a pair of pointy heels.

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  1. Hoodie

This is quite an edgy look that also keeps you extra warm. If you can’t decide whether to wear a hoodie or a leather jacket, why not wear both? Wear the hoodie underneath then layer with the jacket. You can finish the look with loose fitted jeans or chino pants and some nice sneakers.

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  1. Shirt And Tie

For the men, this is an ideal casual Friday look that works so well. Switch the formal blazer with this jacket. Paired with a shirt, tie, and official pants, this outfit transforms you from office nerd to office stud.

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  1. Palazzo Pants

Palazzo pants have been on trend for a hot minute. Pairing it with a fitting jacket ties this edgy look together. You can also dress it up for a formal occasion by adding chunky accessories and a pair of heels or nice flat shoes. For a casual look, this outfit would look good with a pair of sneakers or loafers.

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  1. Pleated Skirt

This outfit works for warmer weather and more casual occasions. It’s fun, flirty, and extra girly which is ideal for the trendy girly girl. To nail this look, ensure the skirt is midi length and pair it with a fedora hat and nice sneakers.

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