Lifestyle and Technology: 8 Things To Look Out For When Buying A Washing Machine

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Washing machines were once a luxury reserved for the haves in society. However, with the growing working-class population and their busy schedules, they’ve become a necessity in most homes. Whether you’re shopping from stores or online, it can be hard to tell one washing machine from the other. As such, it’s necessary to be acquainted with some key things to look for when buying a washing machine. Here are some tips to consider.

  1. Loading Options

Loading options influence the size and cost of the washing machine. Top-loading washing machines are generally narrower than front-loading ones which allows them to fit in small spaces. They’re also cheaper to buy. If your space is limited, this is something to consider to avoid buying the wrong size. You should also measure your space carefully before buying a washing machine.

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Front Loaders Vs. Top Loaders

  • Top loaders take less time to wash than front loaders. Typically, they take 15-30 minutes while front loaders take up between 30 mins to an hour.
  • Top loaders are more durable. Since front loaders are packed with lots of technology, they more prone to malfunctions. They have problems with mildew and mold if you use too much detergent or the wrong fabric softener. Additionally, it’s riskier to overload a front loader compared to top loaders.
  • Top loaders take up less space than front loaders. Thanks to their design, top loaders can fit in small spaces while front loaders are a bit bulkier.
  • Top loaders may be preferable for those who have issues with water supply.
  •  Front-loaders have more washing options. Since top loaders are a bit old school, they come with basic washing functions while front loaders are equipped with the latest technology hence offering a more effective wash.
  • Front-loaders are more eco-friendly. They use up less electricity and water which helps conserve the environment and saves costs.
  1. Energy Rating

Most large electronics now come with an energy rating which is a label that shows the appliance’s energy efficiency. Washing machines with an EnergyStar rating offer the best efficiency. This is not only good for saving costs but also it’s good for the environment. Generally, front-loaders use less water and energy by up to 60%.

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  1. Capacity

Washing machines come in different sizes to fit your requirements. For large families with children, it’s best to buy a bigger machine that can wash bigger loads. This will reduce the number of loads you wash at a time hence saving you extra water and electricity costs. If you live alone or with a partner and a toddler, a small machine is enough for your needs.

  1. Technology

Some high-tech washing machines come with advanced features such as LG’s ThinQ technology that uses artificial intelligence to customize the user’s washing experience.

Another important technology to look for in a washing machine is inverter technology. It enables the machine to run at optimum speeds depending on the load. If you have heavier loads, it runs faster while for lighter loads, it runs slower thus saving you unnecessary electricity costs.

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  1. Reviews

It’s important to read reviews before buying a washing machine. You’ll learn about any common defects or complaints which will help you avoid buying the wrong machine. There are numerous reviews on the internet that will guide you on the right washing machine to buy depending on your needs and budget.

  1. Maintenance

You should choose a washing machine that many technicians in your area are familiar with especially ones that have AI technology. If it’s too complicated, you might run into some problems that they can’t fix. Additionally, check whether the machine needs servicing every year and that there’s an official service center where you live.

7. Warranty

Check what the warranty of the washing machine covers and how long the validity is. Most manufacturers offer general warranty for 24 months and part warranty for 10 years which covers specific parts of the washing machine such as the motor drum. For the general warranty, they also cover diagnosis, breakdown, and repair costs.

8. Price

This is one of the most important things to consider when buying a washing machine. Nowadays, you can get a washing machine for as low as Ksh. 15,000 while others cost as much as Ksh.  150,000. This all depends on the size, features, and loading options. However, most washing machines with standard functions range between Ksh. 30,000 and Ksh. 60,000.

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