Technology: Safaricom Launches M-PESA For Business App For Small & Medium Businesses

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With the average consumer relying on mobile to make nearly every purchasing decision, many businesses are leveraging on mobile apps and the convenience of smartphones to implement suitable solutions. But in addition to having access to a wide customer, small and medium businesses can benefit from mobile app development in the following ways;

  • Streamlined services

Mobile apps are optimised for hands-on interaction. This means they’re easy to navigate, easy to access information and they allow users to have a streamlined experience when accessing, processes, products and services. Here’s how to purchase Apps on google through M-PESA

  • Increased efficiency

Small and medium business owners are often on the go. Having an app where you can access your transaction history, till numbers from different business and facilitate different purchases allows you to smoothen your processes, and also track your behaviour so you can make informed decisions in future. 

  • Ability to track performance

With access to real-time statements, export statements and charts, an app allows business owners to track performance on the go, which contribute to the growth of a business. 

In light of this Safaricom has launched a new smartphone app targeted at small and medium businesses who collect payment from customers regularly. The app which is named M-PESA for Business is a digital solution aimed to empower business owners so they can scale and grow their businesses. 

With over 170,000 merchants already on the service, Safaricom states that this new M-PESA for Business app will be ideal for businesses such as pharmacies, supermarkets, salons, boutiques and restaurants. 

Considering that mobile is where the action’s at; let’s assess what benefits this app brings to users and what makes great for business owners.

Benefits of the M-PESA for Business smartphone app to business owners;

  1. Through the app, business owners can make transactions from their Lipa Na M-PESA tills. All you need is a business till and you can send money to other M-PESA customers. This streamlines your business processes since you can pay wages, pay for supplies and make payments to other business via the app. 
  2. As a business owner, you can withdraw funds at an agent or from Lipa Na M-PESA to your M-PESA account or bank account. 
  3. After making payments you get simple and detailed reports through the app. This includes money-in and money-out charts, store overview, frequently used Lipa Na M-PESA tills and paybills.
  4. The app also offers additional management features which allow you as a business owner to have an overview of different tills, access tills for business owners with multiple outlets and till usage management. 
  5. It compliments the *234# menu which has been providing Lipa Na M-PESA merchants with the ability to manage their till and to make transactions. Here are 5 financial apps you should have

To apply for the Lipa Na M-PESA till;

  • Go to Safaricom’s online portal at Once your application is processed and a Till Number is allocated, you will be able to access the M-PESA for Business app and enjoy its benefits for your business.

If your phone runs on Android you can get The “M-PESA for Business” App which is now available on Google Play Store. 

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