A Guide To Styling Your Coffee Table

Stylish coffee table. Image from https://unruhfurniture.com/product/farmhouse-coffee-table/

Coffee tables are the centerpiece in most living rooms. They’re also one of the first things people notice when they come into your home. Therefore, they should reflect our style and personality. But in reality, our coffee tables are riddle with loose papers, remotes, mismatched coasters, and other random things. Even when we try and copy a Pinterest-inspired style, we somehow go back to our old habits. When styling a coffee table, it’s important to remember that you’ll need to use it on a regular basis. Here’s a guide on how to style your coffee table practically.

  1. Have A Theme

This is usually the first rule of decorating anything. Having a theme will give you some direction on what to add to your coffee table. You can have a luxurious, natural, rustic, tropical, or minimalist theme. This can be based on the general theme of your home but if you don’t have one, try and envision how you want it to look.

  1. Use A Tray

If you struggle to keep things organized on your table, use a tray. It will hold all your knickknacks without looking disarranged. Trays are especially great to place items that you’ll reach for and move around constantly such as remotes and coasters. You can also add some decor to make it look attractive.

  1. Add A Plant/Flower Arrangement

Adding some nature into your living space creates a sense of calm. Additionally, plants have become a popular styling piece. Succulents are especially ideal for coffee table styling since they won’t take up too much space and it’s very hard to kill a succulent. Therefore, you’ll always have vibrant plants on your table.

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  1. Stack Some Books/Magazines

Books and magazines are a great styling item for your coffee table as they not only look good but also give your guests something to flip through. However, keep books and magazines on the minimal side. A stack of five magazines is enough and two books are okay. To make it look more aesthetic, try to stick to one colour palette.

Stylish coffee table. Image from https://unruhfurniture.com/product/farmhouse-coffee-table/
  1. Create A Balance

Try not to over-decorate your coffee table. Many of us make the mistake of adding everything we see on Pinterest. This overcrowds your table hence it becomes overbearing to the eyes. There are several ways to create harmony when styling your coffee table. However, the easiest way is to keep things symmetrical. Stick to three or four piles and always keep the display items at the center and the smaller piles on the side.

  1. Display Collectible Items

You don’t have to add so many decorative pieces to your coffee table to make it look good. If you want to create a stylish yet functional display, add a collectible item. A single collectible item can be enough to style your table since they’re eye-catching. Additionally, it’s a great way to showcase your personality.

  1. Leave Room For Useful Items

The last thing anyone wants is to move items from your coffee table to create space for their plate or drinks. Your décor becomes an inconvenience and won’t be appreciated as it should. When you’re styling your coffee table, leave some room where you can entertain guests or have a meal.

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