Fashion: 10 Ways To Style A Pair Of Sneakers

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Sporty or dressy, sneakers can be a versatile pair of shoes that can fit almost any style. Since sneakers took over the world of fashion, people have been trying to come up with creative ways to rock their favourite pair. Here are some stylish looks to rock with a pair of sneakers.

  1. High Slit Skirt

This looks will have you strutting the streets looking like a supermodel. The high slit adds a sexy touch while sneakers make the outfit more laidback and effortless. It’s perfect for an event or casual date.

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  1. Mini Skirt Suit

This chic outfit is a favourite among fashionista since it works for both formal and casual events. Suits are also gaining popularity and fashion enthusiasts are finding new ways to wear them.

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  1. Floral Dress

This is a great balance between girly and tomboy style. The floral dress creates a feminine look while the sneakers give it a more masculine look. This outfit pairs well with Converse or Adidas Stan Smith shoes. it’s perfect for running errands, casual dates and day events. 7 Floral Outfits To Inspire Your Wardrobe

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  1. Trench Coat

For a laidback but trendy look, pair your sneakers with a trench coat. Trench coats add more style than an ordinary coat hence making the most basic outfit look stylish. This look goes especially well with white sneakers to make them stand out. You can wear it for a casual night occasion.

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  1. White T-Shirt And Jeans

This classic look never goes out of style. Additionally, there are so many ways to wear it. You can wear a fitted t-shirt with baggy jeans, a cropped t-shirt, and high waist jeans or a baggy t-shirt with skinny ripped jeans. The options are endless. Stick to classic sneakers to give it an effortless look. Fashion: Different Ways To Wear Jeans

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  1. Maxi Dress

Athletic shoes are all about comfort. Therefore, if you want to dress down that flowy maxi dress, pair it with some sneakers. This look is perfect for Sunday brunch or a day concert. You can opt for designer sneakers like Gucci or Dior if you’re attending a formal event.

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  1. Matching Tracksuit

This is another huge trend for athleisure wear. It’s not only a sleek, effortless look but also comfortable which might explain its popularity. Celebrities like Gigi Hadid and Rihanna are especially fond of the look and have been spotted on numerous occasions rocking a tracksuit with sneakers. You can wear this outfit while running errands.

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  1. Sweater And Chino Pants

For an easy yet dapper look, wear a pair of sneakers with a fitting sweater and chino pants. Chino pants are better than khakis since they’re lighter which makes then fit a bit better. This looks works for a casual Friday at the office or a semi-formal event.

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  1. Short-Sleeved Shirt And Shorts

This is an easy look to pull off with the right accessories. Since you’re wearing shorts, there will be a lot of focus on your shoes which are the most important accessory for this look. Wear a clean pair of sneakers, preferably Vans, and complete the outfit with a classy timepiece.

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  1. White Shirt And Official Pants

Pull off the off-duty look with this outfit.  If you want to switch up your suit and tie for a more casual look at the office, this is a good ensemble. It’s chic, effortless, and most importantly, easy to put together.

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