The Coronavirus Pandemic: 6 Fashion Trends That Have Become Popular During This Period

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No one would have predicted that we would spend nearly the entire year in lockdown due to a pandemic virus. As a result, many industries suffered economically as they had no other option but to shut down. The fashion industry was one of the biggest losers and gainers due to coronavirus pandemic. Several shows had to be cancelled and others didn’t make as many profits as in previous years. On the other hand, new fashion trends emerged due to the growing demand for more protective wear. Clothes makers shifted to making these to cater to this demand. Here are some popular fashion trends due to coronavirus pandemic.

  1. Earth-Tone Colours

Maybe it’s our need to feel one with the planet during this pandemic or a need to blend in with nature. However, earth-tone colours like rust-brown, olive green, sunny yellow, and sky blue have become a huge trend during the pandemic period. Most fashionistas have ditched their vibrant, neon wardrobes for this minimal, monochrome look. Despite being minimal, there’s still fashionable aspects to this trend with maxi dresses coming back in style.

  1. Face Masks

This is a rather obvious one. Though people were already rocking this look for various reasons like pollution and allergies, face masks became a compulsory safety item after the coronavirus. Fashion lovers turned this into a trend by making custom masks and colour coordinating their masks with their outfits.

Of course, this has come with the condition called maskne which is acne caused by wearing a mask. Find out how to deal with this here – How To Avoid Breakouts And Acne From Wearing A Face Mask

Woman wearing ankara face mask. Image from
  1. Gloves

This is yet another fashion trend that’s been around but made a comeback during the coronavirus pandemic. In the renaissance period, women would wear flashy gloves as a statement piece. However, they went out of style and were mostly worn as a cold-weather accessory in the modern age. Gloves are now a must-have to reduce the spread of the virus through physical contact. As such, more people are on the hunt for fashionable gloves to replace the surgical ones.

  1. Pajamas

Wearing pajamas as a casual outfit became a popular trend a few years ago and unknown to many, it would be a formal outfit in 2020. Due to work-from-home policies many industries are adopting, pajamas are an emerging work outfit for virtual offices. However, this trend could carry on to physical offices after the coronavirus pandemic since fashion is likely to change to more casual wear even for formal settings.

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  1. Leggings

The popular yoga pants or leggings are a more comfortable pants option. You can lounge in them all day at home.  Additionally, if worn correctly, they can make stylish yet comfortable pants for outdoor activities. The sportswear piece is becoming more of a fashion trend during the coronavirus pandemic as people switch to a relaxed wardrobe.

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  1. T-Shirt & Jeans

Since most people are working from home, a T-shirt and jeans are now a wardrobe staple. There’s also a need for simple, cost-effective wear that has contributed to the popularity of a t-shirt and jeans. Due to its versatility, durability, and longevity, this has become the go-to outfit for most occasions, from business meetings to running errands, while in quarantine. Here are 10 Ways To Style Your Plain White T-Shirt

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