Lifestyle: 8 Creative Ways To Light Up Your House Using Fairy Lights

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Fairy lights are inexpensive decorations that were prominently used during the festive season but are now used in the house all year round. These sparkly lights guarantee to transform your house into a magical place. Additionally, they can be styled in many different ways to achieve a dreamy ambience. Here are some creative ways to use fairy lights in the house.

  1. Around Your Mirror

Who doesn’t love those Hollywood star-like mirrors? However, vanity mirrors come with a hefty price tag and a half-length vanity mirror can cost up to Ksh 20,000. If you want to achieve a similar look at almost no cost, you can place fairy lights around the mirror, preferably one with a plain frame. This turns your plain mirror into a glamorous one photographs well taking those Instagram selfies to another level.

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  1. In A Bottle/Jar

You can light up the house by placing fairy lights in a jar. This gives the illusion of fireflies in a jar and provides a cosy ambience. They’re also great table decorations. You can put them in a plain jar/bottle or add other small decorative pieces like seashells before putting the fairy lights in. Not to mention, this is one of the easiest DIYs and takes a minute or so to complete it.

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  1. On Trees

If you have an outdoor garden, you can transform it into a magical wonderland by hanging fairy lights around the trees. This might be inspired by Christmas decoration but it works all year round. Your garden will not only be well-lit but also inviting.

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  1. On Curtains

This works best on sheer curtains to create a twinkle effect. However, you can use fairy lights on any type of curtains. This gives the house an outdoor, camping ambience as the fairy lights mimic a starry night. Additionally, you can use this idea in the bedroom to create a fairytale-like room.

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  1. Rope Lights

Neon signs are another beautiful but expensive item that has become popular in home décor. If you find them too expensive, you can use fairy lights to create your own neon sign. You’ll need to stack several string lights together to create a thick layer which will make it easier to read your words. After that, arranged the lights how you want them then stick them using clear cello tape.

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  1. On The Wall

You can style a plain wall with fairy lights by draping them across the entire wall. This creates a beautiful and bright decoration to a rather bland wall. Additionally, you can use the lights to light up some wall art by either lining the frame or draping the lights on top of the art. This creates a glitter effect and makes your art stand out more.

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  1. On The Ceiling

If you love stargazing, you should try adding some fairy lights on your ceiling. This creates a starry night ambience that works for a balcony ceiling or the children’s room. You can simply attach fairy lights across the ceiling or create different patterns to make it more interesting.

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  1. On Shelves

Styling shelves can be quite difficult since everything has to look balanced. However, there’s a simple hack. Placing string lights around the shelf will instantly make it look more beautiful and you won’t have to worry about styling it again.

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