Relationships: 8 Simple Date Ideas For Busy Parents

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Dating is important if you want to have a long-lasting relationship with your spouse. It also helps form stronger bonds thus raising children in a happy and healthy environment. For busy parents, things like date night become a luxury.  Apart from the issue of time, changing diapers, scheduling hospital visits, and following up on homework can make life seem less glamorous. However, life is busy with or without children so you shouldn’t let becoming a parent rob you of some fun with your significant other. Here are some simple date ideas for busy parents.

  1. Have Happy Hour Drinks

Some couples don’t even remember the last time they had a drink together. In most cases, the husband goes for drinks with the boys while the wife has a glass of wine at home. Drinking together is one of the best ways to reconnect and have some fun while doing it so. You can go to a place that means something to both of you like your favourite restaurant or you can even drink at home. Lifestyle: 10 Health Benefits Of Red Wine

  1. Get Lunch Together

If you work within close proximity to each other, turn your lunch hour into a date with your spouse. Daytime dates are more ideal for busy parents since you’re less exhausted and the children are probably away at school or daycare.

  1. Stay Home Alone

Sometimes, all you need is a child-free night to rekindle the spark. Schedule a sleep-over for your kids or have a relative take them for the night. Keep the plans simple since no one wants to spend their one free night booking hotels or cooking a heavy meal. Remember that this is time to make the most of with your partner so plan something that involves them. Check out 5 Date Night Ideas To Try Out

  1. Go Bowling

Bowling is a surprisingly high-adrenaline and competitive game. If you want to inspire some friendly competition, this is a great date night idea. It’s ideal for a group but it’s just as fun when it’s the two of you. Additionally, it’s suitable for busy parents since you can have lots of fun in a short period.

  1. Create Something Together

It could be anything from a vision board to completing a puzzle. You can even re-create your children’s arts and crafts projects. The idea is to work together and rekindle the team spirit which many busy parents lose over time.  To make things a bit more fun, you can have your very own sip-and-paint in your living room. The best part is you can do this even with the kids at home. 6 Games That You Can Play Together As A Family

Couple watching TV. Image from
  1. Netflix And Chill

A movie marathon is always a good date idea if you’re pressed for time. Those two hours are enough to liven your relationship. Furthermore, with so many movie streaming sites like Netflix or Showmax, it’s so easy to find something both of you will enjoy. You can make it more romantic by including sexy snacks like wine, chocolates, and strawberries.

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  1. Serenade Each Other

Something as simple as singing to each other, whether you’re musically gifted or not, makes a fun date idea for busy parents. You can do this in the car as you drive together or at home while you do our chores. Play some of the music you used to listen to before the kids to reminisce and rekindle that nostalgic lovey-dovey feeling.

  1. Just Talk

When you first started dating, you probably spent hours talking on the phone or in person. Nothing has changed since then. Most people cherish a good conversation. If you find going for dates difficult, you can sit at home and have a candid talk with your significant other. Check out Simple Ways To Re-ignite Your Relationship Spark

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