Is Smoking Putting A Strain On Your Relationship?


You’ve been a smoker for years now. You’ve dated on and off, and no one ever seemed to have an outright issue with the habit, but your current partner seems more and more bothered by it every day. If it never bothered them before, why should it now?

There’s a good chance that even if you don’t notice that your partner is bothered by your cigarette habit, they likely are. Smoking is something that not only costs money, but also causes poor hygiene, can put you at risk for serious health defects, and even affects your sexual health. Do we have your attention now?

Let’s look closer at how your smoking habit might be affecting your relationship, and why quitting is always the best option for the sake of your health and your relationship.


Let’s start with the most obvious issue with smoking: it’s just not very hygienic. Cigarettes don’t smell good, no matter how you spin it. Even the mildest of cigarettes cause things to smell for days on end, and the smell can end up permanently stuck on clothes, skin, and hair. Sometimes, when you’ve smoked enough, even a good wash doesn’t get the stink out.

Aside from the smell, smoking also affects dental hygiene. Imagine being with someone who smoked and their breath always tasted and smelled of cigarettes. Don’t forget about the teeth, either! Smoking yellows and browns teeth and can actually make teeth weaker and more prone to breakage and cavities.

When you quit smoking, your gums will begin to heal and your breath won’t always smell like cigarettes. We’d like to think that’s something your partner would probably find a bit more attractive.


If you share a home with your significant other, you already know that money is a hot-button issue. The truth is, money is a sensitive topic that often gets brought up in arguments or causes the arguments themselves, without the added expense of a smoking habit.

Smoking is an expensive habit. The average cost of a pack of cigarettes in the US is somewhere between $6-$7, and that’s being conservative. In some states, you’ll pay as much as $10-$12 for a single pack! Imagine the impact that must be having on your finances; we’re talking thousands of dollars per year.

There’s a good chance your partner isn’t exactly thrilled about you spending so much money each month on a deadly habit that puts everyone’s health at risk.

It’s A Deadly Habit That Puts Everyone’s Health At Risk

Did we mention this already? Often, smokers assume that it’s only their body that’s being affected by the cigarette habit, but truth be told, you’re putting everyone around you at the same risk when you smoke. Second-hand smoke is not something to take lightly and causes thousands of cases of cancer and other serious ailments each year, as well as claims the lives of thousands of people.

The fact is that smoking affects more than just the smoker. Everyone around you has to be exposed to chemicals, the smell of the cigarette, and the general sense of dread from knowing that you’re willingly putting such harmful toxins into your body. That’s a scary thought.

You’re increasing your risk of heart disease, cancer, lung disease, and other deadly ailments by about twice as much every time you smoke, literally shaving years off of your life. We’re already heading toward the grave with each passing day, why quicken the descent with a habit like smoking?

Your Sex Life

Yes, smoking does affect your sexual performance and can even affect your ability to reproduce. In men, smoking can cause problems with arousal by affecting blood pressure and blood flow, as well as sperm production; reducing the number and health of the sperm produced, thus reducing their ability to pair with an egg successfully.

In females, smoking can also cause trouble with arousal (though it’s less likely) but has also been linked to various ovarian cancers and certain reproductive dysfunction. Not to mention, smoking while pregnant can have serious consequences for the baby.

So, to make things short and sweet, you’re affecting your sex life, your personal hygiene, your financial situation, and your health. These are pretty important factors of a healthy relationship, and they’re being destroyed by one simple product.

Breaking The Addiction

Breaking your cigarette addiction won’t be easy, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. There are plenty of resources available, from cessation forums to alternative products like CBD, nicotine gum, and tobaccoless chew, support groups, individual counselling, and much more.

Don’t let smoking get in the way of your relationship or affect you or your partner’s health. You owe it to each other as a couple to communicate well and take active steps towards a happier, healthier lifestyle for everyone involved, so that the relationship may thrive for many long years in the future.

How To Overcome Addiction

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