Fashion: Different Ways To Style Palazzo Pants


They have been called bell bottoms, hipsters, harem pants, or flared pants. But not to be confused with the aforementioned, palazzo pants also known as culottes flare out from the waist to the ankle, and not from the knee. Attributed to a popular trend in the 60’s and ’70s this style of wide-legged cuffed trousers made a comeback in 2017 but we just can’t get enough. Here’s why;

  • Palazzo pants are chic, stylish, comfortable and widely versatile.
  • They are anti-skinny meaning they don’t snug.
  • If you are one to complain about friction, say no more since these pants have ample room for your legs to breathe.
  • Palazzo pants are very conservative and you can go as loose as to have them resemble a maxi skirt.
  • They come in different designs, colours, patterns and features meaning there’s everything for anyone. Yes, even for the petite woman, in case you’re asking.

Now let’s look at the different ways you can style palazzo pants/culottes

  1. Pair them with heels

A common myth is that palazzo pants can only look stylish if worn by the tall woman. Well, that’s not entirely true. Sure, if you are tall you can wear pair your pants with sandals, but this is where the petite woman wins sophistication points if they pair the pants with heels.

Since you don’t want your pants to collect all the dust wherever you walk, aside from looking sophisticated, a pair of heels is also the best solution to curb this menace.

Monochrome palazzo suit paired with glass slippers/heels. Image from
  1. Go monochrome

Go for a monochrome look if you would like to create a continuous thin line which makes you appear taller. Palazzo pants come in many colours including pastels, classic whites and blacks and other muted shades. Hence, if you are aiming for a rich, elegant and sophisticated look monochrome is the way to achieve it. Finish your look with a stylish box bag or a clutch with chain and you won’t believe how effortless your outfit will look. 7 Fashionable Colours You Should Add To Your Wardrobe

Monochrome style. Image from

Suit it up if you’re aiming for a formal look.
  1. Wear the pants with light fabric tops

Pallazo pants may come in light materials and fabric, but the last thing you want to do is add bulk to your ensemble. For this reason, no matter the style of top you choose to wear, whether cropped, patterned, ruffled, a pull neck or the classic off-shoulder, ensure that the material is light and that the top fits you well.

For a put-together look, pair your palazzo pants with a classy crop top or if opting for a blouse or shirt ensure the fit is tight.

The following are classic tops you can team with palazzo pants.

  • Pallazo pants with a bodysuit
A bodysuit is a must-have top for its versatility. Image from
  • Palazzo pants with a halter top
Navy blue chiffon palazzo pant paired with matching halter top. Image from
  • Pair the pants with a sweater top

If you opt to pair your pants with a shirt, sweater or tank top, put your height into consideration. If you are petite opt for high waisted palazzo pants and ensure to tuck in the shirt. You can also tie it above your waist to reduce the bulkiness. Another option is to wear heels in case you prefer not to tuck in your top.

Navy blue sweater top paired with neon yellow palazzo pants. Image from

On the other hand, if you are tall you can do both high waisted or low waisted pants. Tall people also have the option to tuck in fully, halfway, partly, or not at all.

  • Palazzo pants paired with an off-shoulder tube top, a shirt or t-shirt
Palazzo pants styled with different tops. Image from
  • Ankara Palazzo pants paired with a blouse or tube top
women wearing Ankara inspired palazzo pants. Image from

Check out inspiring Ankara designs to add to your wardrobe.

  • Pallazo pants with a tube top and well-fitted leather jacket
Image from

Other tops you can try include; bralettes, corsets, lace tops and boob tops.

  1. Add a belt

There’s no end as to how you can style your culottes. But one way you shouldn’t miss out on is adding a belt. All you need is to find a statement belt and you’ve added that extra spice in your outfit in just a matter of seconds.

The belt breaks the monotony of the Stripes for a classy look. Image from
  1. Pair them with different shoes 

Don’t we all like classic looks from the ’90s? For a laid back vibe, pair your palazzo pants with sneakers and don’t forget your favourite T-shirt. For a bohemian look choose espadrilles and seal it off with appropriate accessories. If you are going to the beach sandals will work just fine.

Image from
  1. Striped palazzo pants

If you want to claim that legs all the way to the moon look, choose striped palazzo pants. Stripes are timeless, clean, easy to pair with a black or white top, and they set the right canvas to add on a statement piece. Check out how to style stripped outfits

The belt is used to break the monotony of the Stripped Pallazo suit for a classy look. Image from
  1. Choose different patterns and styles

You don’t have to waste away thinking which top should you pair with you palazzo pants. An alternative is to go for palazzo jumpsuits. Here’s how to find the right jumpsuit for your body type

Palazzo jumpsuit. Image from

They are put together, elegant, effortless and importantly very chic. However, with jumpsuits, you cannot afford the versatility that comes with pants. Thus a good way to look stylish is to play around with accessories. Categories to choose from include hats, bags, different type of shoes, sunglasses, belts, statement jewellery, blazers and even coats, trench coats and jackets. Here the floor is yours so style away.

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