Grooming: The Essential Guide On How To Comb Your Beard The Right Way & Choosing The Right Beard Comb

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Beards are seen as a sign of gruff manliness, power, high social status, and obviously maturity. But did you know that to get the type of beard you wish to have, you need to own the right tools and technique?

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In this guide, you will find tips on how to choose a beard comb and the techniques you should implement to comb your beard the right way.

Let’s start with how to choose a beard comb

Different types of combs exist for different reasons. Wide toothed combs are easy on your hair while fine-toothed combs can style and even out even the least of hairs.

That said, having the right beard comb comes with the following benefits;

  • Limit ingrown hairs – such occur when hair starts to grow under the skin. Eventually, red painful bumps start forming even though they could’ve been prevented if the right tool was used to comb the beard regularly.
  • Facilitates hair to grow in the right direction – Unkempt hair is one of the reasons why a beard may have indents and patches. Only second to improper trimming. Having the right comb will help your hairs to line up grow evenly and train the hairs to grow in the right direction.
  • Using the right comb will give the illusion of a fuller beard if you don’t already have one.
  • It’s a way to maintain a clean beard through removal of trapped dirt and food particles.
  • The right beard comb helps you distribute beard oil or balm evenly onto your hair and thus keeping your beard moisturised.
  • It is the tool you need to tame unruly hairs, manage, style and promote beard growth.

Hence, when it comes to choosing a beard comb consider the factors below.

  1. Factor the length & density of your beard

A longer beard will require a different comb than a short beard. So will a denser beard as compared to a less dense beard. Hence when choosing a beard comb ensure that you pick the one that can tame, manage, and style your beard given its length and density.

  1. Material

With plastic out of the picture, there are better types of materials that should make your beard comb. This include; wood, horn/bone, metal and synthetics, or natural plastics like cellulose acetate. Bearing in mind the material of your beard comb will affect its quality, performance and durability, consider a beard comb made of any of the above materials for your convenience.

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In case you are wondering how the types of materials differ this is how;

Wood – high quality and durable. Aside from Sandalwood, Bamboo is the common material used to make wood beard combs since it is less porous than other types of wood. This allows sebum, beard oils, balms, and butter to distribute evenly when applied and the hair combed with this type of comb.


  • Gentle on the beard
  • Nice scent
  • No static
  • Has a smooth finish with rounded edges for a smooth combing experience.


  • It is also more expensive than plastic combs.

Bone/horn – beard combs made from bone or horn are usually hand polished, making them easy to glide through the hairs of your beard.


  • Durable
  • Highest quality
  • Best for taming, styling and training hair to grow in a preferred direction.


  • They are heavier and thicker than other beard combs
  • They are not very common, hence can be hard to find.

Cellulose acetate – this is a natural plastic hence a beard comb made from this material will be slightly more expensive than one made from regular plastic. A saw cut cellulose acetate comb will have a smooth finish, it won’t cause static and it will be effortless to use. These are hailed as the best beard comb for their performance and ease to clean.

Metal– it is lightweight, durable and comes in a variety of teeth. However, If you happen to purchase one with jagged edges this could mean the undoing of your beard.

  1. Handcrafted vs stamp press

The way a beard comb is manufactured will affect its quality and overall performance. For instance, while plastic combs are mass-produced in an injection mould which often leads to jagged ends and edges, hand-cut combs are cut with saws, then polished individually to remove jagged edges. This makes such combs durable and of good quality. Examples include combs made from wood and horn.

Stamp press combs are often made of plastic. Due to the cheaper mode of the manufacturing process, they are less durable, of less quality and they have jagged edges. For this reason, it is always advised that you consider the manufacturing process before buying a beard comb.

  1. Size and width of the comb’s teeth

A thick beard calls for a wide-tooth comb while a less dense beard will require a comb with fine teeth. If you have coarse hair you will also pick a different comb from someone with finer hair. Hence choose accordingly.

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How to comb your beard the right way

After getting the right comb, now we’re down on the best techniques to implement when combing your beard. Start with;

  • Choosing the right teeth – to avoid snagging, pulling, and tugging on your beard hair use the right comb. Small teeth combs are for moustaches while slightly wider teeth combs are for the beard.
  • Comb from the neck – instead of combing from your chin to your neck, start from the neck working the comb towards your chin for a fuller look.
  • Use oil to detangle – instead of pulling on detangled hair use beard oil to soften and separate the hairs then comb.
  • Comb downwards- after combing the beard from the neck to the chin, finish up by combing the beard downwards while styling it as you desire.
  • Comb the moustache using an appropriate beard comb.
  • Always use gentle motions to avoid breakage. More on the do’s and don’ts of grooming facial hair

A crucial point to note is that unlike standard combs, beard combs are produced differently, made from a different material and the size of the teeth is also different.

A beard comb will not cause static, split ends or have jagged edges that will keep tearing your hair follicles. In the same way, since it is tailored for a beard, the design and material will be specialized so you can carry it in your pocket without breaking it. Regular combs are made of plastic while a beard comb is only made of wood or horn which are more studier materials. Therefore, as you start or move closer to your beard goals, use this guide to ensure that you own the right tools.

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