Skills And Career Paths For CompTIA Security+ Certification

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Cybersecurity is a growing concern all over the world as currently, people, industries, and organizations rely on technology to make everyday life easier or get work done effortlessly. This has led to an increasing need for IT security personnel. The CompTIA Security+ certification equips individuals with the ability to tackle security threats and cybercrime and ensures that candidates will possess the skillset needed for addressing digital security challenges.

Skills Possessed by Certified Security+ Specialist

#1 Ability to understand penetration testing

The Security+ credential is the pathway to becoming a penetration tester. A penetration tester checks already established systems for security weaknesses, loopholes, or vulnerabilities by simulating hacking attacks. These security systems could be networks, web applications, or software.

#2 Vulnerability management

Security+ certified specialists scan, detect, report, and mitigate against system vulnerabilities and of course, the CompTIA Security+ equips professionals with various security tactics to identify, curtail, and minimize threats.

#3 Handling networking devices and architecture

The Security+ certification equips an individual with the ability to install, manage, and maintain networking devices and architectures so that s/he then manages devices, cables, and hubs. They also understand networking architecture like LAN, MAN, and WAN.

#4 Troubleshooting or problem-solving skills

Candidates who have passed the Security+ SY0-501 exam can systematically identify and solve tech problems using the most suitable solutions. With their cybersecurity skills, such individuals check for a myriad of threats. Then, they troubleshoot issues and establish a plan of action to solve the problem.

#5 Risk management skills

Technical skills, numeracy, communication & analytical skills, teamwork, and pressure are some of the risk management skills possessed by a CompTIA Security+ accredited specialist. Hence, s/he can effectively manage all security risks that may arise during digital technology use.

#6 Understand wireless security setup and PKI

The Security+ badge empowers specialists with the knowledge and skills needed to understand cryptographic protocols and public key infrastructure. Examples of cryptographic protocols are Wi-Fi protected access (WPA and WPA2) and Counter Mode Cipher Block Chaining Message. Using PKI, you’ll be able to protect communication between the server and the client.

Career Paths for Specialists with Security+ Certification

Armed with the skill sets listed above, a CompTIA Security+ certified specialist can fit into any of these job roles:

  • Security administrator

A Security+ certified individual can perform the role of a security administrator, including installing, administering, and troubleshooting an organization’s security system. Such a specialist also modifies the system and protects it from unauthorized access, theft, and destruction.

  • Security specialist

Security specialists ensure that an organization’s digital information remains safe and secure in the cyberspace by protecting it from intrusion. They also plan and implement digital security programs.

  • Penetration tester/Junior IT auditor

Security+ certified individuals who become penetration testers carry out tests on computer systems, networks, software, and web apps for security loopholes or vulnerabilities that cybercriminals can exploit. In addition, these employees design the tools needed for simulating hacking attacks and take charge of providing security solutions.

  • Systems administrator

A systems administrator takes charge of installing, upgrading, and monitoring hardware and software. Thus, Security+ certified sysadmins can manage operating systems, applications, servers, PCs, and security tools.

  • Network administrator

Network administrators are equipped with the skills to create, manage, or maintain computer networks, networking devices, and web servers.


The CompTIA Security+ certification prepares you to handle various IT job roles in an organization efficiently. It also sets you on the career path to becoming a top-rated digital security specialist. So, don’t waste your time and start pursuing this badge straight away!

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