Beauty Trends We Don’t Hear About Anymore

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Each year new beauty trends pop up pushing out the old ones. Though there are some that stand the tests of times, most beauty trends have a short life span and we almost never hear of them once they go out of style. Over the last few years, beauty trends have popped up at a faster rate than ever which has led to many others being abandoned. Here are some beauty trends we don’t hear about anymore. It’s A Bold & Beautiful Year: 7 Beauty Trends Of 2019 So Far

  1. Overlined Lips

Remember when pouty lips were all the craze? The lucky few naturally blessed with full lips took a back seat on this beauty trend but the rest of the world would overline their lips to get that pouty look. At first, it was a great hack to give the illusion of full lips but people started taking it to the extreme by drawing on a whole new mouth. This trend started losing its appeal and today, it’s not as popular as it was a few years ago.

  1. Fake Freckles

Beauty gurus swore by this beauty trend not too long ago. It was like the icing on the cake that every makeup artist had to do on every look. It gave the appearance that someone had been out in the sun hence the freckles. Though it was a cute trend, it went into oblivion as fast as it came.

  1. Matte Skin

Matte became popular a few years back and every beauty enthusiast wanted matte lips, matte brows, and a matte foundation. However, glowing skin is back on trend and it’s like everybody forgot about matte makeup. Most people don’t wear the matte look anymore and instead, glow-giving makeup like lip glosses, and highlighters have taken over.

Woman wearing matte makeup. Image from
  1. Contouring

We can thank Kim Kardashian for making contouring a thing. While contouring adds dimension and highlights your features, it can be hard to nail this look. You’re more likely to end up with patchy shadows instead of a well-sculpted face. As such, most amateur makeup users ditched this trend from their routine and the trend became old news.

  1. Instabrows

This perfect brow trend is no longer cool. They were called the instabrows since it was popularized on Instagram. These brows were solely meant selfies as they looked too artificial in person. Additionally, they were too high maintenance and most people didn’t enjoy doing their eyebrows for 30 minutes. With the rise of bushy brows, this beauty trend slowly faded away. Dramatic Makeup Looks That Are Surprisingly Easy To Do

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  1. Baby Bangs

Bangs are a hard hairstyle to pull off. When you cut them to a sup short fringe, it goes from bad to worse. However, this was a beauty trend a few years ago. It was popularized by runway looks but this was one of those trends that should have stayed on the runway. While it looks futuristic chic on models, ordinary people end up looking strange.

  1. Half Shaved Hair

There are still people who pull off this look but it’s not as popular as it was when it came out. When celebrities like Rihanna rocked the look, the whole world wanted to try it. However, most people realized that it’s not for everyone especially if you had an office job. You also had to shave off all your hair if you wanted to grow it out. These issues made this beauty trend less popular and eventually, people forgot about it.

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