Lifestyle: 7 Tips To Declutter Your Home Office

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Most people tend to slack off on tidying their home office since there’s no one around to judge you. However, your office space should be neat so as to be functional whether you’re working from home or a traditional office. It is easier to accumulate clutter while working from home because you carry other things around the house to your desk. If you’re looking to declutter your home office, here are some tips you can use.

  1. Have A Goal

We all have our own reasons why we want to declutter a space. Figure out what you want to achieve after decluttering your home office. Whether it’s to make it more functional, get rid of some things, or all the above, your plan should be based on this goal. This will help you work towards something and create a more efficient plan.

  1. Clear Everything Out

The first step to decluttering any space is to clear everything out. You’ll be surprised how much clutter a small space can hold. For your home office, remove papers, stationery, books, and any other loose items then set them aside. If you have drawers, pay more attention to them since they tend to be a catch-all for all kinds of junk. How To Declutter Your Home

  1. Get Rid Of Old And Broken Electronics

Over time, you may build a collection of electronics you don’t use but don’t want to let go of for sentimental reasons. These take up so much space which makes your space look cluttered. If you haven’t used any electronics for months, you should dispose of them. You can also sell them to electronics shops who use them for spare parts.

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  1. Buy Organization Supplies

Once you’ve categorized things in your office, your next step should be getting organizational supplies. This includes pen holders, paper files, hanging grids, labels, bookmarks, and a bin. They should help minimize clutter on your desk and keep your space more organized. To make your office space fun, try to get colourful supplies that reflect your personality.

10 Great Office Accessories For Your Home Office

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  1. Keep Necessities Easily Accessible

As much as you should keep your desk as empty as possible, remember to keep your essentials within reach. Take advantage of wall space and place things like pens, notepads, and reference books on floating shelves above your desk. This will keep things in their place longer since you won’t have to shuffle through drawers to access them.

  1. Conceal Cables

Cables can look messy and are an accident hazard, especially in a home office. To keep them under control, try to position your desk next to the power source and you won’t have to jump over cables to get to the desk. Additionally, you can hire someone to conceal the wires professionally.  Keep in mind that you may have to compromise on comfort for aesthetics.

  1. Allocate Organization Time

Clutter piles up over time and to keep your home office organized, you need to reorganize it regularly. Therefore, it’s necessary to create time to put everything where it belongs. It could be once every week but if you can’t trust yourself to keep things organized for that long, you can clean your space every day once you’re done working.

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10 Great Office Accessories For Your Home Office

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