Who Is Mike Filsaime And Why Is He Now A Millionaire?



Building a successful digital business is not easy, and success does not happen overnight. There are tons of things to do and finalize, including determining which market niche suits these tools and product locations that will satisfy the chosen niche’s demands.

There are a few successful people who’ll surely ring a bell, provide inspiration, and motivate you to start your eCommerce store or even build and deliver a higher success rate into digital entrepreneurship. One name to be precise, Mike Filsaime, the creator of Groovefunnels, a successful and revolutionary platform, didn’t work his way to success overnight but is now reaping the fruits of hard work.

Let’s take a closer look at what tools and software Mike Filsaime developed and launched that yielded success, not just for him, but also for those working their way with these eCommerce tools.

Get to Know Mike Filsaime

Way back, when building an eCommerce store was a challenge and a complicated process to begin, you needed to have intensive knowledge on how to upscale your business. You had to work harder to see a better success rate. Nowadays, everything is handy and easy for newcomers in the industry. Thanks to tons of eCommerce tools that simplify the life, workloads, and business strategies of digital entrepreneurs.

Now you can set up your eCommerce store in just a few clicks; with the help of the right tools and a few programs from successful coaches, building a stable passive income is easier. GrooveKart is one of the most updated entrants to the eCommerce industry, by Mike Filsaime and John Cornetta.

Filsaime was involved in launching various multi-million dollar businesses. Some of these are Everwebinar, Marketers Cruise, Kartra, and WebinarJam. He’s also an in-demand digital marketer consultant, software developer, speaker, and author.

Exciting Facts About Mike Filsaime And The Road To Being A Millionaire


Mike Filsaime’s companies worked on more than $150M in sales. He has built several powerful and influential tools, software, and marketing strategies that changed the world of digital marketing, which makes him a sought-after keynote speaker for digital marketers to date.

  • Mike Filsaime is a famous persona in the world of IM (Internet Marketing) and has been known as one of the most successful digital marketers worldwide. His focus is on creating successful tools and software solutions coming from scratch.
  • Mike Filsaime is the second marketer to mark his name in history for doing a $1 Million Launch in 2006. He has done over $1million launches for many products and brands no marketer has ever done. Filsaime is the master of marketing and branding that has top-notches around his belt to showcase.
  • In short, Mike Filsaime is marked as IM’s ‘Michael Jordan”, a true legend and inspiration for every digital entrepreneur. His first digital program about funnels was launched in 2009; the ‘Launch Tree’ had paved the way for upsells and funnels, which is still used and taught to this day by huge marketing companies.
Successful Software Mike Filsaime Launched/Developed

There’s more to Mike Filsaime than meets the eye, and more digital marketers want to walk the same path to guarantee success with internet marketing. Some of the successful tools and software Filsaime developed and launched, are helping newcomers in the digital industry enjoy success.

Over the past years, Mike Filsaime’s software brands have generated more than $85M. Here are some of the tools developed and launched under his belt.

  • GrooveFunnels – Is a marketing software funnel creator and landing page builder designed to generate guaranteed success for every digital marketer.
  • GrooveDigital – Is an all-in-one platform that enables you to save money with its low-monthly fee that allows you to instantly handle sales, email marketing, affiliate marketing, funnels, video marketing, and membership sites.
  • GrooveKart – Strategically designed eCommerce platform that enables you to create a digital storefront that sells physical items such as jewellery, clothing, merchandise, health supplements, etc. It offers an easy, better, cheaper, and feature-rich built-in standard platform than other pricey apps available in the market.
  • Kartra – This platform is strategically designed to provide complete automation in selling online products. Together with Andy Jenkins, Filsaime teamed up to build and sell this automated solution, which covers almost any digital marketing features such as business management, membership websites, split testing, analytics, affiliate marketing, auto-sales funnels, video hosting, email marketing, etc. It’s designed to be an all-in-one platform suitable for digital marketers.

Mike Filsaime is a successful digital entrepreneur, influencer, developer, and inspiration to every digital marketer. With tons of successful digital solutions, tools, and software, he has established himself in Internet Marketing. Thanks to all his successful platforms that help fellow digital marketers, both amateurs and advance, he’s a multi-millionaire to gain success in the wide world of digital entrepreneurship.

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