How To Choose The Perfect Jeans For Your Body Type

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Finding a good pair of jeans is like finding a diamond in the rough and this is why. Jeans are the most common, yet timeless pieces you can ever own. The perfect jeans will be easy to style, easy to wear and you will never run out of inspiration regardless of the occasion. Additionally, there’s no shot of confidence like a pair that fits well in all the right places. Here are the Different Ways To Wear Jeans

However, in order to land a pair that fits well from waist to your ankle or heels, one that makes your bum look tight, legs look good and just as important makes you feel comfortable, there are things to bear in mind when you’re out shopping. This includes;

  1. Colour and wash

Depending on the purpose of your jeans you want a pair that looks good when you’re buying it and stays that way after washing it. Hence, for all-purpose jeans, that is jeans to wear on several occasions, go as dark as possible.

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Dark washes look more polished and elevated making them the best choice when you want to dress up or even attend a formal occasion. With a dark wash, you also have the option of dressing it down. If you’re out shopping for a casual outfit, a light wash will suit you just fine. For a great casual look wear your jeans with A Classic Leather Jacket

  1. Distressing and whiskering

Before you settle for a pair, look at the distressing on the jeans. In the same way, pay attention to the whiskers. Whiskers are the fading horizontal lines on your jeans which resemble creases.  Those horizontal lines have different washes and are often found on the thigh, knee, calf or butt area.  Your jeans might also be distressed in the same areas.

The light wash creases and difference in colour due to the distressing, tend to emphasize and draw the eye on the area where they’re placed, hence choose accordingly.

If you would like to accentuate or emphasize an area choose jeans with distressing or whiskers on that particular part.  On the other hand, if you’d like to redirect the attention to another outfit in your ensemble, wear jeans without such details.

  1. Cut and rise

The right cut for your body type can make you change your outlook to life. It accentuates all the right parts, makes you feel comfortable, makes styling effortless and life feels good. On the flip side wearing the wrong rise or cut can have you think clothes were not made for your body type. Or worse, that there’s something wrong with your body. So how do you identify the right cut and rise when it comes to jeans?

  • Hourglass

An hourglass body type consists of a big bust, a small waist and broader hips. If you have an hourglass shape, choose high waisted jeans. Another alternative is mid-rise jeans, which fall just below or at your belly button. A high rise/high waisted jeans will have a cinched waist and more space at your hips. Given your body type is fuller at the hips, but smaller at the waist, it means the jeans will drape in tandem with your body type enhancing your features and guaranteeing comfort.

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However, if you choose low rise jeans, which have the waist cut right along the hips, the waistband will be grabbing at your hips instead of your waist. This explains why you have to keep pulling up your jeans anytime you bend or sit down.

  • Pear figure

If you have a smaller bust, but broad hips or thighs, then high to mid-rise jeans will be flattering for your shape. Since you have issues with waist gapping as the hourglass body type, forgo low rise jeans as they will sit below your hips and have you worry about plumber’s crack all day. Instead, choose a waistband that hits at your bellybutton because it will blend seamlessly with your waist.

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Dark wash jeans with little to no whiskers or distressing are preferable because you don’t want to add more detail on the bottom, especially around your thighs or butt. Also, consider stretchier materials than rigid ones as they are more comfortable. You can wear different cuts including, flared jeans or culottes and pair them with heels for more length.

  • Diamond/heart/inverted triangle 

This body type consists of a fuller upper body or torso and a slimmer bottom. This means your main concern is finding a pair of jeans that doesn’t dig into your tummy. For this reason, forgo high-rise jeans. Instead, choose mid-rise jeans that hit just below your belly button. Pay attention to the pocket placement on your jeans. Since this body type has narrower hips, balance your torso by picking jeans with smaller pockets placed high above the seating area. You can opt for straight leg jeans to show off your legs, bootcut jeans for volume or skinny jeans, preferably light washes with whiskers or distressing.

  • Rectangle/athletic

This body type has an athletic appeal as it consists of a straight silhouette with little to no curve. The good thing is that apart from looking fit this is the easiest body to dress for play or slay. For a flattering look pick jeans with a low rise. This waistband adds width to the column figure giving the illusion of curves. High rise jeans might tempt you but such jeans will only draw attention to your waistline emphasising a boxy silhouette. Not unless the jeans are in a darker wash and the rise is not extremely high. Pallazo/wide-leg jeans, straight jeans, flared jeans are also a great alternative to skinny jeans.

  • Plus size

If you’re curvy and would like to show it flatter your silhouette with high and mid-rise jeans. Forgo mum jeans and loose fabrics which will only add volume to your figure. Instead, opt for skinny jeans, preferably darker washes, straight or boot cut jeans. Plus Size Women – Fundamental Ways To Dress Your Size

  1. Pocket size and placement

Pocket size and placement are very important aspects when it comes to finding the perfect jeans. This is what determines if a pair will make your bum look on point or not. Hence, no matter your body type, always stick to pockets that are to scale with each bum cheek. Too big a size will make your rear look small and saggy while too small a size will make your bum look bigger. The latter should make flattering jeans for people with a heart shape, but the former will not be flattering for anyone.

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