8 Ways To Get Your Kids Interested In Gardening

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Gardening is a great activity to get your kids away for the screens and get involved outside. It teaches them important life skills such as confidence, patience and responsibility which helps them develop into well-rounded adults. However, gardening can seem boring to kids especially since there are many technicalities and it requires a lot of care. If you want to introduce your kids to gardening, here are some tips you can follow.

  1. Allow Them To Choose Plants

This includes them in the process from the beginning which fosters commitment early on. Additionally, it helps them develop an interest naturally. Children normally project their personality in new activities. Therefore, they’ll most likely pick their favourite colours and shapes. You can guide them on which plants do best in different environments and which ones are easier to maintain.

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  1. Start Small

Large gardens can look intimidating even for adults. To get your child interested in gardening, start with a small kitchen garden or balcony garden. You can even plant flowers and herbs in cups and place them on windows. They won’t feel overwhelmed and pressured to maintain a large garden. Additionally, it won’t cost you a lot of money in case the plants die.

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  1. Assign Simple Tasks

The gardening process can be tedious as it involves many steps. Therefore, you should introduce your kids to simpler tasks such as watering, weeding and dusting, first. Try to explain the importance of each step whether big or small so as to keep their interest in the task.

  1. Designate A Section For Them

The best way to learn and develop a new interest is to do it practically. You can let your kids plant their own plants once you’ve taught them the basics. Give them a small section of the garden or container to practice their gardening skills. However, if the space is limited, they can plant a few plants in the garden. This develops a sense of responsibility which in turn, develops into interest.

Two children gardening. Image from https://www.iol.co.za/lifestyle/home-garden/garden/how-gardening-can-help-build-healthier-happier-children-10520207
  1. Have Kid-Friendly Tools

Gardening tools can be sharp and heavy which most children cannot handle. Get size-appropriate tools if you want to introduce your children to gardening. This is not only safe but also it helps your children develop an interest. Additionally, they’ll make their work easier which becomes more enjoyable. You can also give them smaller gardening tools such as spray bottles or hand trowel.

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  1. Tell Them In Advance

The last thing you want to do is ambush your kids with new activities. Instead, introduce the idea to them gradually. This will build up excitement and they’ll look forward to start gardening with you. You can buy books about gardening for kids or watch gardening videos regularly. You can even teach them about the origin of different plants.

  1. Find Fun Pots

Kids are attracted to colourful things. You can add some colour to your garden by finding fun and colourful pots which will motivate your kids to take care of the plants. Additionally, you can easily paint plain pots to fun colours. This could be another process to involve your kids in.

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  1. Enjoy The Fruits Of Your Labour

Once your garden is ripe and ready, pluck the fruits or veggie and eat them with your kids. You can cook meals using the homegrown produce as well. This encourages them not only to eat their greens but also to pick up gardening. Since they can see results, they’ll be more motivated to participate in the process. Eventually, they’ll have their own garden.

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