Timeless Beauty Trends You Can Live By

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Like fashion, beauty trends are ever-evolving. One time everyone is shaving and drawing on eyebrows, next fuller eyebrows are all the rave. But as a believer of using makeup and other beauty products to accentuate your best features, I believe the following trends stand the test of times regardless of which look is in season or which beauty products are selling out for the same reason.

  1. Voluminous lashes

Regardless of the trends that come and go no one has ever complained of eyelashes so big or many that they needed to clear them out. Beautiful long and voluminous eyelashes are a timeless beauty trend because they make your eyes look bigger, awake and they are the crown to a smokey eye look.

After all, we wouldn’t have faux eyelashes and voluminous lash mascara if this weren’t true.

Speaking of false eyelashes, here’s a guide to picking the right lashes for different occasions. 

  1. Voluminous hair

Hair that is sleek might be tempting, but the secret to its beauty lies in the volume. No one wants thin, limp looking hair. In fact, many of the hair products in the market highlight volume as a selling point because no one has yet to look ugly with voluminous well-kept hair. It might be that not many were brave to wear the Diana Ross signature fro however nowadays everyone appreciates voluminous hair for the crown that it is. Check out these hair trends from the 90’s you should definitely try

Bouncy natural hair fro. Image from https://www.glamour.com/story/amandla-stenberg-on-meeting-beyonce-and-her-journey-to-loving-her-hair
  1. Winged eyeliner

Not too long ago, when the winged eyeliner was a staple look, beauty gurus and people who could draw the cat-eye were considered the Picassos of the makeup industry. Winged eyeliner was loved for how well it accentuated the eyes,  how it flattered different eye shapes and for how well it paired with voluminous eyelashes. Even though this is not a staple look for everyone like it used to be, it remains a timeless beauty trend for every eye shape. Otherwise, how else can we describe a concept that is still in use yet has records dating back to 400BC in ancient Egypt?

Here are 6 creative ways to wear winged eyeliner

  1. A glass skin

Before the glass skin was associated with Korean skincare everyone described it as clear, glowing healthy-looking skin. However, the fact is the glass skin as made popular by Korean beauty dates back to ancient history. Long before the Korean wave came to be, people have associated flawless, glowing skin with good genes, health or high social status. Besides, if we were to dig deeper into the history of Korean beauty the efforts to get a glass skin have origins in the Ancient Joseon era which is over 200 years from now.

Beauty: Try this Korean skincare routine for great skin

  1. No makeup look

Women have used makeup to enhance their appearance and since time immemorial makeup trends have played a significant role in defining the beauty industry. But while different looks may come and go, like matte makeup, thin eyebrows, instabrows or too much highlighter looks, the no-makeup look is still a timeless trend. Maybe because it hems on the real purpose of makeup. Nonetheless, this natural look highlights one’s best features while providing a great foundation for you to get creative. Check out these tips for a natural makeup look

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  1. Smokey eye

Before blending was a technique, the smokey eye was still a thing. Only that it was done more boldly to embody the idea behind its origin.

The smokey eye is associated with Cleopatra, an intelligent and powerful woman. At the time heavy makeup was linked to the royals and hence the more daring or bold the makeup was the higher the status of the wearer was too. Today the smokey eye is not only worn as a way of expressing one’s creativity and skill, but also as a way to draw attention to the beautiful windows to our soul. Check out these dramatic makeup looks that are easier to do 

  1. Full eyebrows

Instabrows that looked like stick-ons and thin eyebrows which were once a symbol of beauty are just trends we can’t help but regret in 2020. Well, regret is a big word, but these are some of the trends that went out as fast as they influenced everyone. On the other hand, full eyebrows are timeless because they are natural, unaltered, healthy and very attractive. Unlike thin eyebrows, full kept eyebrows define your facial features, make you look youthful and they let your natural beauty shine. Here are 5 ways to get fuller eyebrows

groomed eyebrows image from https://lipeimg.pw/beautiful-eyes-be-careful-when-you-look-into-the-windows-of-the.html

  1. Red lips

The beauty of red lips spans the ages for the timeless trend that it is. Red lips are a sign of beauty, power, femininity, boldness and oh, sophistication. Red lipstick is not only suitable for absolutely everyone, but it works on every occasion. Whether you are attending a formal meeting, a date, a party or just a stroll in the park, red is just the colour you need. Add lipgloss to your timeless beauty must-haves because who says no to luscious lips? Makeup: 7 Tips To Wear Bold Lipstick Colours

Here are 6 makeup trends you should try for a different look.

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