7 Ways To Maintain Your Weave After A Workout

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Don’t you just hate it when your new, expensive weave gets sweaty after a workout? Unfortunately, this is unavoidable when staying fit and many women struggle to keep their weave looking presentable for long while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Sweat leads to frizzing, dirt buildup, and smelly hair which is almost impossible to wash off if you have a weave. However, there are some hacks that you can try to keep your weave looking and smelling good. Here are ways to maintain your weave after a workout.

  1. Brush Your Hair Before Working Out

It’s not only harder to detangle your hair when it’s drenched in sweat but also it’s a bit nasty. As such, you should brush your hair before to avoid it getting tangled as you work out. Tie it neatly in a ponytail and secure with a head wrap. Your hair won’t get tangled up during the workout and you won’t have to deal with sweaty, knots afterwards.

  1. Tie It Up

This prevents your weave from soaking sweat from your body thus maintaining the style for longer. Tie it up with a head wrap or a scarf firmly secured above your head. Make sure you keep all the hair away from your face and neck. You can also twist your hair using a scarf before tying the headwrap as this secures the ends from getting wet.

  1. Make A Shampoo Spritz

You don’t have to compromise your hygiene simply because you have a weave, especially if you work out regularly. Since you can’t wash your hair like normal, you need to improvise. Take a spritz bottle and add a water and shampoo mixture. Squeeze the product onto your scalp and lightly massage. Take another spritz bottle and add water. Use this to rinse your scalp and repeat the process at least twice until you feel clean. How To Wash Kinky Hair The Right Way

Black women working out. Image from https://shoppeblack.us/2016/08/black-owned-businesses-atlanta/
  1. Dry With A Cool Blow Dryer

Don’t let your weave air-dry after working out as this leads to frizzy edges. Additionally, it takes a longer time to dry underneath the weave which leads to buildup and a foul smell. Ensure you dry your hair immediately you get home using a cool blow dryer.  To dry your scalp, separate your weave in tracks and dry them one by one. This ensures your scalp is completely dry and won’t get smelly.

  1. Avoid Hot Showers After A Workout

It’s tempting to jump into the shower right after cooling off. However, this is not only bad for your skin but also for your hair. The sudden and extreme temperatures put a strain on your weave which makes it lose its shine. you can either shower with lukewarm water or dry your hair completely then wait for 30 minutes before taking a shower.

  1. Choose Less Bulky Weave

The bulkier the hair, the more the sweat. Generally, weaves are heavier than natural hair which causes the scalp to sweat more than usual. You can reduce the sweatiness by choosing a light weave. Go for a short, straight one since curly weaves tend to be heavier. Straight weaves are also more manageable during post-workout care.

  1. Keep It Moisturized

The salt for sweat can lead to dryness. Therefore, after cleaning and drying your weave, apply a light oil to keep it moisturized. If you work out regularly, you need to oil your hair regularly as well. avoid applying too much oil as this will lead to dirt buildup. Invest in oils that are weave-friendly such as argan oil and coconut oil.  Is Grease Bad For Your Hair?

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