Fashion: Give A Spin To Your Wardrobe With These Trending Fits Of 2020

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You might not have dressed a ton this year, for obvious reasons, but there’s much reason give a twist to your wardrobe with these trending fits of 2020. The following looks are not only seasonless but these are fits that will add style, class and pizazz to your wardrobe lest we mention that you can pull off these outfits into 2021 and beyond.

  1. Cuffed wide-leg pants 

You loved the palazzo pants, bell bottoms and wide-legged pants. But what if they were cuffed? 2020 has been the year to embrace comfortable clothing, but with a touch of creativity. If you don’t have cuffed wide-leg pants, tie the straps of your heels over any wide-legged pants or jeans to attain this look.

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  1. Boxy androgynous designs

In a gender-free era, no other look could cement this statement than the androgynous allure which has been trending in 2020. Part masculine, part feminine embrace the best of both world by wearing this statement outfit that communicates confidence, class and a fashion sense that defies convention. Did anyone mention Janelle Monae? No, what about Harry styles? Well, these are some of the celebrities you can look up for some inspiration on androgynous styles.

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  1. Print silk-twill shirt and outfits

Who said you cannot bring the tropics right to your closet? The print silk outfit is one way you can do this and more. Whether you’re in the mood for vibrant colours, patterns, and well, Hawaiian vibes the printed silk-twill shirt, dress or sleepers are just examples of outfits that will check off these boxes for you. So get styling.

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Here are 7 floral outfits to inspire your wardrobe

  1. Shoulder pad designs

Did you use to hate those jackets and dresses with oversized shoulder pads? Well, 2020 has been a year of the shoulder pads renaissance and we can’t help but soften our hearts for this look.

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From shoulder-padded blouses and coats to jackets and dresses, the shoulder pad fashion is a good way to outline your body’s natural v shape contour, while adding a touch of class and style to your wardrobe.

  • Shoulder padded crop top
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  • Shoulder padded t-shirt worn over jeans
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  1. Shearling coats

Say no to unfashionable cold season jackets by saying yes to the shearling coats.  These coats are made of wool and they come in various styles, colours and sizes. From waist length sporty leather jackets to long brown trench coats. There’s just no reason for you not to stay warm and in style. Fashion: How To Stay Warm And Still Look Stylish

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  1. Puff sleeves

Want another outfit that commands attention while creating the illusion of a tiny waist, the puff sleeve look is the way to go. This style is a successful way to introduce drama to your wardrobe but without disregarding aesthetics.

However, there are a few key pointers to bear in mind when opting for this look. When choosing a boldly patterned outfit or dress, ensure the texture of the fabric is lightweight and flowy to maintain balance. If choosing a plain dress with puff sleeves, let it be of heavy texture so it can reduce the flounce of the sleeves. You can opt to pair your dress with chunky boots, heels or chunky sneakers.

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  1. Maxi faux length coats

Dominating silhouettes from head to toe have been the in thing of 2020 and we just can’t ignore this fashion piece from the 90s. The maxi faux length coat can be paired with straight cut jeans for a funky-grungy look, or worn over skinny jeans for that clean ensemble. Fashion: 8 Ways To Style A Classic Leather Jacket

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  1. Hats

The fedora may have been the hat everyone once wished to own, but this year, bucket hats and berets are the “it” thing. Bucket hats first made a comeback in 2019 becoming a signature look for celebrities like Wizkid and the likes. Till date bucket hats have remained fashionable with people wearing them for sun protection or as a statement piece. 5 Hats That Every Woman Should Invest In For Bad Hair Days

Bucket hat. Image from you want to rock the classic street style or ooze a french vibe with the beret the stage is yours, so style away. How to dress sharp; 9 tips for men

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   9. Exaggerated volume

Ask how much space can one occupy and in 2020 we are saying yes. From the voluminous shoulder pads to the puff sleeves and now the oversized jackets, this year is all about inches of space, size and volume. The bigger the better.

Rihanna in an oversized voluminous jacket. Image from

This puffer jacket is a must-have especially for cold seasons and when travelling. It’s about time you knew these fashion rules for effortless style. Also, check out these tips on how to revamp your wardrobe on a budget.

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