Health & Beauty: Everything You Need To Know About Vajacials

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You have heard about facials, now get introduced to vajacials, the treatment you never knew you need. But what are vajacials? Not to be confused with yoni steaming, a vajacial is just like a facial treatment that is done on specific areas around your genitals. These areas include your bikini line, the pubic area where pubic hairs grow, and the outer labia. Where vajacials are not performed is inside your birth canal. 

What is the purpose of a vajacial?

Just like the skin around the armpits grows dark or your armpits get ingrown hair if not properly taken care of, the vagina can experience similar problems. A vajacial is a treatment done to generally cleanse your vagina, get rid of hyperpigmentation, ingrown hairs, irritation and dead skin.

Like a facial, the purpose of a vajacial is to unclog the pores, introduce moisture to the skin around your genitals, and improve the health and condition of the skin around your genitals.

How is a vajacial performed?

A vajacial usually happens at a spa or a salon that offers the service. The process involves general cleansing and a hair removal process like shaving, waxing, tweezing, lasering or what might be depending on the spa. Once the area is clean and free of hair the esthetician checks for any ingrown hairs and the extraction begins. A mask is applied to get rid of dead skin, after which an antibacterial treatment follows. The treatment is completed after the skin is toned, and moisturised. Different spas have different procedures so it’s worth checking what is being offered. Otherwise, this is just a general idea of what you should expect. 

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Does it hurt?

Well, if you’re new to getting a wax treatment you might be conscious of the sting but otherwise, the vajacial process is not painful.  Here’s the lowdown on waxing your pubic hair 

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Is it worth it?

While the answer to this might depend on the individual in question, a vajacial is worth it for several reasons;

  • It’s a way to show your vagina some TLC. It’s also a chance to get a few maintenance tips from professionals. 
  • Just imagine how you feel after a facial. A vajacial leaves the skin feeling, soft, moisturised and looking as aesthetically pleasing as it can be. It also feels luxurious.
  • It’s a beauty routine and that alone should be fun to try. Or who complains when getting a manicure or facial?
  • Just like you learn more about your face or hair by actively taking care of it on a regular, a vajacial is one way to learn more about your genitalia. Considering that we check our faces more than we do the vagina, a vajacial is a way to do some personal investigation and understand what other health or beauty treatments the skin around your vulva could use.
  • It’s a body-positive ritual. Not only will you get to learn about your vagina but through this treatment, you can learn to look at your body in a more positive way, become aware, and appreciate your appearance. Additionally, this is a perfect opportunity to debunk some of the misconceptions you’ve held throughout the years, because let’s be honest, vaginas are not a subject talked about over a cup of tea. On the same note, it’s a way to get rid of the stigma surrounding the subject.

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Would you try a vajacial?

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