Beauty: 7 Makeup Hacks For Oily Skin

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Having oily skin comes with both good and bad effects. For instance, you won’t have to worry about pre-mature ageing or losing your glow. The bad side of having oily skin is that you can’t help looking sweaty and your makeup always smudges after a few minutes of wearing it. If you’re trying to make your makeup last longer without looking like an oily mess, here are some hacks you can try.

  1. Use A Primer

Many people are sceptical about the purpose of primers. However, primers conceal your pores and create a layer between your skin and the makeup to help makeup last longer. If you have oily skin, this should be an essential product in your makeup collection. You can get a mattifying primer to control the production of sebum and make you look less shiny.

  1. Have A Skincare Routine

A good skincare routine will help reduce the excessive production of oil. Start with a gentle scrub to cleanse your skin. Try to use products that have hyaluronic acid as it prevents the loss of moisture while nourishing the skin. However, you should avoid products that are harsh on the skin as this will only irritate the skin leading to more oil production.

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  1. Use A Translucent Powder

Powders are great in controlling oily skin while giving you a matte effect. Since you’ll need a lot of it, it’s advisable to use a translucent powder instead of a pigmented one to give you a natural look. Start and finish your makeup looks by applying the powder then keep a travel-sized pack in your bag to do regular touch-ups throughout the day.

  1. Try A Water-Based Moisturizer

Hydration is important even when you have oily skin. External factors like dust and UV rays can cause dryness which leads to excessive oil production. Therefore, you should protect your skin using a moisturizer. If you have oily skin, be selective with the kind of moisturizer you use so as to avoid getting oilier. Choose one that’s light-weight, preferably a water-based moisturizer.

woman with beautiful dewy skin. image from
  1. Use Waterproof Makeup

Makeup normally smudges easily on oily skin due to sweat. Therefore, investing in waterproof makeup could make it last longer. Focus on waterproof eye makeup since this area tends to get sweatier than other places. Additionally, it tends to be more conspicuous when it smudges. You can get waterproof mascara and eyeliner.

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  1. Invest In Long-Wear Products

If you don’t want to keep retouching your makeup after a few hours, try using long-wear products. Start with a long-wear foundation as this will keep your makeup in place for longer. Make sure the products are oil-free to prevent excess oiliness. Additionally, don’t apply too many layers as this will not allow your skin to breathe hence leading to more oil production.

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  1. Avoid Shimmery Makeup

As mentioned, oily skin has a lot of perks including giving you a natural glow. This makes it easy for makeup to look radiant on your skin. However, stay away from makeup with a shimmery effect as your natural oil will only project this look giving you an unnatural glow. Use products that have a subtle shimmer as this will complement your glow and make you look more natural.

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