Technology: Realme Wins International Awards For Smartphone Designs

Realme C15 Smartphone design. PC: Realme

Barely a few months after realme launched its first smartphone in the Kenyan market, the brand won several international design awards. Realme which boasts a series of trendsetting smartphones with design and aesthetics that defy convention cemented its place across the market after bagging various Good Design awards for distinct products under its portfolio. Among these was;

  • The realme X Master edition, which won the German Design Award and the award for Good Design Australia,
  • The realme X2 Pro Master Edition, which bagged the Red Dot Design Award and the Good Design Awards,
  • The realme X50 5G Master Edition, which also bagged the Good Design Award from Australia and
  • The brand’s first 5G flagship, the realme X50 Pro 5G, which was acknowledged by the Golden Design Award 2020 and the Golden Design Award.

This only goes to show that a smartphone’s design is essential to its success. Nevertheless, we can’t help but wonder how much importance do we as consumers, place on the design of a smartphone, considering almost everyone dresses their phone for protection immediately after buying?

The fact is performance will ultimately determine the overall usefulness of a smartphone phone regardless of its shape, finish, or colour. However, its also true that what we see first is the design, colour and finish of a phone. Not only do these factors add to the aesthetics of the device, but they nudge us forward as we make a purchasing decision.

But what after making the purchase, do art and beauty still matter? 

Let’s use the realme C15’s design as an example considering the phone has gained momentum with its unique features, design and affordability. This smartphone flaunts the finer particulars of a geometric design where the back cover is divided into three different parts that resemble a trapezoid. The back cover texture is achieved using an industry-leading German five-axis precise radium engraving machine, after 5 hours of polishing. What?

Realme C15 Smartphone design. PC: Realme

Perhaps these details might not mean much if listed as a feature or a unique selling point of the realme C15 smartphone. However, visually, this kind of art gives the realme C15 a sense of class and a futuristic/unpredictable visual effect. Additionally, considering Realme smartphones are meant to provide the youth with a comprehensive superior experience, it’s only fair that even finer aspects such as the details of the design should not be boring.

For instance, the curves engraved on the back cover are meant to create a special reflective light effect making the realme C15 more appealing, colourful and comfortable to the hands. The detailing also makes it less susceptible to fingerprints and effectively prevents scratching and sliding.

How about interior design?

Just like performance and battery size, skin-deep beauty is also a key factor when looking to purchase a smartphone. Important aspects to look at include;

  • Colour scheme

Aside from the exterior colour of a phone, the colour scheme also matters. In other words, how does the screen, pages and icons appear on the phone? Does the appearance make it easy for you to interact with your device or not?  Realme user interface (UI) uses high saturation and high brightness colours to construct an authentic colour scheme that inspires a sense of vitality and freshness. This contributes to the interior allure of your phone, making sure your phone doesn’t look dull and boring.

  • Icons

Further contributing to the design and colour scheme of your phone are the icons. Icons play a crucial role in the usability and efficiency of your smartphone. Not only do they convey the meaning of what they represent but they communicate the function even with the absence of text. For this reason, they must be relatable of derived from commonly seen everyday items as is in the Realme smartphones.

app display on Realme C15

Its worth to note that with the realme UI certain icons like the “settings” which is derived from gear parts are restructured to bring a minimalist and dynamic icon design. This design style adds to the aesthetics and it is deemed more vivid and orderly as compared to the conventional.

  • Animation

System animation enables you to understand what happens in your phone by providing real-time notifications of apps’ processes and status. To improve screen fluency, realme UI is equipped with the latest quantum animation engine. The optimisation in the details of the animation also makes it more fun and enjoyable.

  • Wallpaper

On average we spend a significant amount of time on our home screen and lock screen.  This is one of the reasons we customize our screens by use of a wallpaper that suits our needs, mood age or taste. Since pre-installed wallpapers tend to be too plain or downright unappealing, browsing for one tends to become the solution. However, as much as this option is fun, sometimes it can get frustrating. As mostly seen, its either the wallpaper does not match the interface or it doesn’t fit the screen size accordingly. 

On the other hand, the realme UI brings 11 new wallpapers which are inspired by natural elements and suited to the colour scheme of the phone and the app icons.  With the mini-drop display and 6.5-inch screen estate of the realme C15, you are guaranteed less disturbance, comforts and an immersive display when viewing, playing or watching anything from your device.

Realme C15 is available in two colours including; marine blue and seagull silver. The 64GB goes for Ksh16,999 while the 128GB goes for ksh19,999 across different outlets in Kenya.

Check here for a full review of the realme C15

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