Powerful Video Marketing Strategies For B2B Companies  

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Video marketing is rapidly becoming a must-have marketing strategy for B2B companies. Over 70% of B2B buyers prefer to watch video content before making a purchase decision. As a result, around 98% of the companies plan to enhance video marketing investment in 2020.

Video marketing in B2B helps in improving consumer engagement, increases audience attention rate, and offers a better client reach. It also helps in developing effective marketing campaigns and supporting other marketing efforts.

Apart from this, video content has proved to be more attention-grabbing and immersive than content formats. Are you also a B2B business owner and intend to incorporate video marketing strategies this year? If yes, here are the most powerful strategies for you.

Make a Video to Boost Your Content

Companies already have a pool of blog posts on their websites. To create an instant impression, marketers should use this content and come up with impressive video content. For instance, 2000 words content can be used to create an engaging video with the help of a slideshow maker. All you need is a well-written script, a well-spoken presenter, and engaging visuals and tools.

Create Captivating Content

Surprisingly, the most crucial point is often overlooked in formulating video marketing strategies. B2B marketers, at times, fail to assess the interests and preferences of the consumers. They create videos that excite and entice them but not necessarily their viewers.

On the contrary, they should create value for B2B consumers and develop content that caters to their expectations. Consumer testimonials and feedback can help them in getting a grip on their demands and interests.

 Keep It Short

Around 73% of videos rolled out by B2b companies are not more than two minutes. Lengthy content tends to attract better traffic and conversions. But when it comes to videos, B2B consumers prefer them to be short and sweet. Any B2B company that intends to tap a larger section of its target audience should follow this strategy.

Choose the Right Video-Hosting Platform

 A wise selection of the right platform to upload videos is crucial for B2B marketers. After all, several things, including the reputation of the company, are at stake. A dedicated video platform will help marketers analyze video performance analytics, audience insights, engagement rates, drop-off times, and consumer demography.

It will also help marketers in creating video content that has more information and insight than competitors. They should select a social media platform that has a huge subscriber base and popularity across the demography.

Optimum Utilization of the Available Options

Every video-hosting platform offers versatile video uploading options. B2B marketers must take optimum advantage of all these options to roll the most captivating and engaging videos. It will help in driving traffic and getting more views.

Some of the promising options are cards, end screens, transcriptions, custom thumbnails, and watermarks. So, ideally, viewers will not only watch the uploaded video but will also follow the card link to watch more videos. By using these features, marketers have a golden chance to leap in the race.


A well-executed and well-placed call-to-action can make a significant impact on the success of video marketing strategies. Creating an impressive call-to-action is an art, and any B2B company that wishes to carve its place in the market should ace this art. It is the ultimate pitch from a B2B company. Call-to-action is of different types:

  • Text-based – Where a tiny clickable message is shown to the viewers during the video. Clicking on it will directly take them to the webpage.
  • Image-based – It is a concept where a small image will keep popping up throughout the video to remind viewers to click on it.
  • Scripted ones – An HTML code will be displayed that will take the viewers to the main webpage.

 Enticing Title and Descriptions

B2B marketers must ensure that they create appealing titles and descriptions for their videos. Missing out on this point can create issues for the marketers. Using appropriate keywords, catchy slogans, and appealing short content can prove to a game-changer. Taking some useful hints from the competitors can save some time and energy.

 Offer Variety to Your Audience

A B2B video channel should offer a variety of content to the viewers. The viewer’s attention is fickle and can easily divert to competitor’s channels. Rolling out a variety of videos for them can prove to be a smart move. So, what are the different types of videos?

  • Industry expert interview videos
  • Quick tips videos
  • Tutorial videos
  • Company culture
  • Industry news
  • Consumer testimonials

Post Regularly

Do you know that over 72% of B2B companies use video marketing strategies? Moreover, over 82% have accepted that video marketing strategies have yielded higher ROI for them.

The competition is fierce. Marketers need to take every possible step to engage the viewers and keep them hooked to the brand. Posting engaging content regularly can prove to be a masterstroke here. They can either fix a particular day or date to release videos.

Marketers should consider using an invitation maker to amplify the excitement of viewers and boost the engagement ratio. Last but most important, marketers must ensure that their quality never gets compromised in this process.

Final Thoughts

It is crucial to make videos a part of the B2B marketing strategy. There is no doubt that videos are more attractive and appealing. They have the power to express more in less time.

The right video marketing strategies can boost the online search engine ranking, increase traffic, and fetch impressive conversions. They also help in creating brand awareness and brand loyalty among the viewers.

But the marketer must also understand that they cannot attain success by just rolling out videos. The right strategies implemented at the right time is the secret to success here.

Leverage On The Power Of Videos To Take Your Business To The Next Level

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