Product Review: MAC Prep + Prime Fix+ Setting Spray

MAC Fix+ Setting Spray.

Setting spray is a must-have in your makeup collection and I know this first hand. I used to be one of those people who thought setting spray was just fancy water until I got my hands on the MAC Fix+ Setting Spray. Now I understand why this is an essential product in every makeup arsenal. MAC products are a cult-favourite in the beauty community as they offer great value for your money and one of their most popular products is the MAC Fix+ Setting Spray.

However, all setting sprays are not created equal. Even for MAC, there are some sprays that give you a matte finish and others give you a glow. As such, you need to know what your skin needs before investing lots of money in the product. Since I tend to lean towards glowy makeup looks, I went for the MAC Fix+ setting spray that doesn’t have a matte effect.

The Product

MAC describes this product as a lightweight mist of water packed with vitamins and minerals, infused with a blend of green tea, chamomile, and cucumber that gives an instant boost of hydration. It looks like water and has a great fruity scent thanks to the chamomile, green tea, and cucumber combination. It also promises to soothe the skin and deliver a soft sheen.

MAC Fix+ Setting Spray packaging.

This is exactly what I got from the product. It felt light and dried pretty fast once I sprayed it. It then formed a layer over my skin to protect it from factors such as dust and sweat. At first, my skin felt a bit tight but it quickly went away. To avoid spraying unevenly, you should hold the bottle 12 inches away from your face.

My makeup lasted all day compared to previously when I didn’t use a setting spray. It also added an extra glow on my skin and left me feeling and looking simply magical. Once I used it, I couldn’t wear makeup without that final spritz. You can use the product for other purposes as well such as cooling the skin during a hot day. 7 Uses Of Setting Spray

The Packaging

It comes in a shimmery black box bearing the MAC logo in the front and details of the product in the back including usage instructions and warnings. The package inside is a clear 100ml bottle with a black nozzle to pump out the product. The bottle fits comfortably in my hand and has a good grip. It’s small and compact which makes it easy to fit it in your handbag if you need an extra boost throughout the day. The locking system also works pretty well and it’s easy to use.

MAC Fix+ Setting Spray.

The Cost

If you know anything about Mac, then you know it’s one of the biggest makeup brands. As such, their products will put a dent in your wallet. The MAC Fix+ Setting spray cost Ksh 3,000 at the MAC Store in Junction Mall.

Though the product is in the higher price range, you’re guaranteed great quality and a generally great product. It’s definitely worth the hype.

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