Lifestyle: 6 Tips To Dress Well Without Breaking The Bank

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How we dress is a reflection of who we are. Therefore, most people strive to dress their best. Dressing to impress comes effortlessly to those who can afford it since they have access to designer clothes and personal stylists. For the rest of us, we have to make do with what we have which means looking good without breaking the bank. Here are some tips to dress well on a budget.

  1. Tailor Your Clothes

Nothing makes a fashion statement like well-tailored clothes. However, tailor-made clothes are quite pricy which makes it hard for most people to afford. You can still get your normal clothes modified which won’t break your bank. Make sure you find a reputable tailor to do the work and you’ll have well-fitting clothes at a reasonable cost.

  1. Accept Hand-Me-Downs

There’s no need to let good clothes go to waste. Whether you raid your friend’s closet or your mother’s closet, you’re bound to find something that you like and they’re willing to let go of. Besides, your mom’s retro style is coming back in fashion, and when paired when some more modern clothes, it might just work. Try to look for accessories since they tend to be more timeless. 6 Timeless Basic Fashion Ideas To Implement After Looking At Old Photos

  1. Plan Your Outfits

Have you ever seen your stylish friend plan out their outfits for the week? Most people struggle with pairing their clothes hence they’re unable to create many good outfits with what they have. Well, this is a great way to ensure that you wear all your clothes and pair them well to make fashionable outfits. Additionally, you’ll be able to know what you need when you go shopping for new clothes. Try to lay out a number of clothes you own and you think will look good together then create outfits.

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  1. Know The Trends

You don’t have to rock the latest trends to be stylish. In fact, most trends are aimed at younger people and tend to look forced on almost everybody else. Additionally, new trends tend to be more expensive than other clothing items in the store. Try to know which trend works for your age group before splurging on a purchase. The best way is by looking for inspiration from celebrities of the same age as you are.

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  1. Take Care Of Your Clothes

One of the biggest fashion fails is wearing worn-out clothes. Running strings and bleach stains are not a good look. As such, you should take good care of your clothes to get the most out of them. Follow washing instructions to the letter and store them appropriately to make them last for years. Additionally, it’s cheaper to take your clothes to the dry cleaner than buying new clothes. Also be careful if you have a washing machine – Not all clothes are machine wash friendly.

  1. Stick To Solid Colours

Though prints look more fashionable, they tend to limit what you can wear with them. As such, you should invest in more solid colours if you want to up your fashion game without breaking the bank. Additionally, solid colours look more sophisticated thus making your outfit will look more expensive than it is. 7 Fashionable Colours You Should Add To Your Wardrobe

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