7 Fun Things To Do Outdoors During The Rainy Season

Man holding an umbrella in the rain. Image from https://www.beautifulfeed.com/25-beautiful-rain-photography/

Is the cold weather getting you down? The rainy season can be a buzzkill for people who enjoy being outdoors. You’re stuck in the house watching the rain pour, hoping for a bit of sunlight. Since there’s not much you can do to change the weather, it’s best to look for activities to keep yourself busy. If you don’t mind getting a little wet, here are some outdoor activities you can enjoy in the rainy season.

  1. Game Drive

This is nature at its finest. During the rainy season, wild animals are more active since temperatures are cooler. You’re more likely to see more predators during the rainy season than hot seasons. Additionally, the parks look better with puddles of water and it makes the experience more magical.

  1. Do Some Rainy Photography

Things look more magical with some little water droplets on them. Therefore, if you have a waterproof camera or phone, this is a great time to capture some amazing shots that you wouldn’t get during the hot season. You might even get some shots of people having fun in the rain or the chaos that rain brings. Either way, it’s something fun to do during the rainy season. A Beginner’s Guide To Phone Photography

Man holding an umbrella in the rain. Image from https://www.beautifulfeed.com/25-beautiful-rain-photography/
  1. Swim In A Heated Pool

Many of us got in trouble with our parents because of swimming in the rain. Come rain or shine, swimming is always a fun activity. With heated and indoor pools, you can take a deep without worrying about falling sick. Additionally, this could be a way to keep fit since it’s easy to pick up weight during the rainy season. Health And Fitness: Physical And Mental Benefits Of Swimming

  1. Off-Roading

If you want to test your car’s off-roading capabilities, the rainy season is the perfect time to do it. You can look for an open field or drive through an empty dirt road. However, off-roading can be dangerous and if not done correctly, it could lead to a serious accident. Make sure your car is in good condition to perform effectively. It’s also advisable to go with a friend in case you get stuck.

  1. Shop At The Mall

A little retail therapy is good for the soul especially during the rainy season which gets everybody’s mood a bit down. Additionally, it’s a good excuse to buy some weather-appropriate clothes. You can still enjoy a day at the mall without spending a dime by going window shopping. This is a good opportunity to check the latest arrivals.

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  1. Go On A Coffee Date

Coffee dates are highly romantic, especially in the cold weather. Therefore, it’s a great time to take up that coffee date you’ve been cancelling and if you’re craving the outdoors, ask someone out for a coffee date. It might lead to something good and even if it doesn’t, you’ll have spent your day at a café, enjoying a cup of coffee. 6 Awesome Facts About Coffee

  1. Meditate In The Rain

The rainy season is a great time to practice some mindfulness. Water is normally calming and the sound of rain droplets can help boost your well-being. Additionally, the fresh air helps boost your physical health. As such, you should try meditating in the rain. Research shows that meditating for only 15 minutes every day can have positive effects on your body. Look for a shaded area outdoors and sit in silence while focusing on your senses.  Physical And Mental Wellbeing Of Reconnecting With Nature

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