Lifestyle: 6 Tips To Set Up A Power Picnic

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Picnics are gaining popularity as a way to entertain guests in your backyard or a rented garden. It offers the beauty of dining outdoors at a fraction of the cost of outside dining. However, whether you’re hosting a picnic for one or a crowd, it can be strenuous to set it up if you don’t know where to start. Here are some tips to set up a power picnic.

  1. Choose The Perfect Location

Picnics are flexible and can be set up anywhere with an open space. However, choosing the perfect location is the most important part of setting up a power picnic. Depending on the occasion, you should choose a location that provides your desired amenities. For instance, if you’re hosting a romantic one, somewhere beside a large water body is ideal. For kids’ parties, look for a place that has a playground.

  1. Pick A Colour Scheme

Having a colour scheme makes your setup look more organized and thought-out. You can choose more earth-tone colours like gold, yellow, cream, and white which blend in well with the outdoors. Make sure that you can find table decorations and cutlery in your colour scheme to avoid having items that don’t match. When all else fails, stick to the basics. You can never go wrong with an all-white or all-black event even for a picnic.

  1. Scout Where You Set Up

The last thing you want at your power picnic is uninvited guests – ants. As such, check where you set up to avoid having ants invade your space. Stay away from trash cans or any trash lying around as they most likely have ants around them. Look for anthills too. Most picnic gardens tend to have lots of insects so watch out for their nests. Use natural scents such as vinegar to repel ants.

Picnic setup by the beach. Image from
  1. Don’t Forget Packing Essentials

When setting up a picnic, we get caught up in preparing the food that it’s easy to forget to pack other essentials. Things can quickly turn disastrous when you forget these essential items. Make sure to always pack wet wipes, plates and utensils, a blanket, bottle openers, and of course some entertainment. For a power picnic, you need to go the extra mile. Make the set up more beautiful with flower arrangements.

  1. Make Picnic-Appropriate Food

Since there’s a lot of transporting and movement when hosting a picnic, pick foods that won’t cause a mess. Pack lots of water both for drinking, cleaning utensils, and washing hands. Secondly, try to prepare dry food such as grilled meat, salads, sandwiches, and fruits. The food should also be edible even when it goes cold. Recipes that use mayonnaise, eggs, and fish are not ideal for park picnics. However, you can pack a portable cooker to warm the food. Travel: 8 Best Snacks To Pack For A Road Trip

  1. Carry Extra Money

It’s always a good idea to carry money whether you’re the host of the picnic or not. Though a picnic is self-sufficient, anything can happen. Carry some cash in case you need to buy something you might have forgotten or some snacks for the kids. Additionally, there are usually lots of fun activities at picnic gardens such as horseback riding that require some money.

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