Jambojet Now Flies From Mombasa To Kisumu – Here’s To Enjoying More Of Each Other, From The Sea Side, To The Lake Side


Despite the greater distance that was, the people of Lake Side Nyanza and Sea Side Coast have a lot in common. They are jovial, fun-loving, spread amazing vibes in the air, and always ready for a carnival. Even if it is just conversation and/or a cup of tea. Which they both take in plenty.

Now it must be a marvel, for the people who either live in Nyanza, and the greater western, and those who live and work at the Coast, that the distance of slightly over 820 km, have been reduced to a mere 2 hours and 45 at most. There’s a long-running joke, that there are people who can wake up and get to their shags at 10, and be back home by 4:00 pm if 12:00pm is too soon.

Travel between Mombasa and Kisumu had been reduced to ‘Strictly Essential.’ That journey would have taken some 24 hours if we’re being modest. That is assuming you were lucky enough to get an express bus and no need for stopovers and or change of bus. Especially now, where a global pandemic has created some sort of barrier, Jambojet’s new Mombasa – Kisumu – Mombasa offering is bringing people closer together. And a greater cultural exchange should be in the offing, with people starting their journeys from both cities, sharing a lot more than the holiday and
the class they openly exhibit.

Picture courtesy of Turnup Travel
Picture courtesy of Turnup Travel

Here’s to the great exchanges among the Coastal and Nyanza Festivals, the iconic Rusinga Festival, and Shela Festival. Here’s to more Mombasa Tunasija, and Warwakou Dala. Here’s to more weddings, and celebration of life. Here’s to more love, and closer embrace of family. Here’s to enjoying more of each other, from the Sea Side, to the Lake Side.

Here’s to more travel, lovingly brought to us by Jambojet.

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