Casino Affiliate Programs In Kenya – All You Need To Know

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Affiliate marketing is one of the popular sources of income among the Kenyan online community. This can be attributed to the high internet penetration in the country and most business shifting to the online sphere. Unlike traditional advertisement, companies are using affiliate programs to increase their audience and consequently boost sales.

Some of the most successful and highly affiliate marketing ventures in Kenya are casino affiliate programs. Ideally, top casinos targeting the Kenyan market, among them listed at, offer affiliate programs to interested parties where you can generate income when you send traffic to their sites or new players sign-up through your link.

Examples of Casino Affiliate Programs in Kenya

22Bet Partners Affiliate Program

For marketing enthusiasts who wish to become 22Bet affiliates, the first step is to register an account with this program. You immediately become a partner that can now earn from promoting gambling products offered by 22Bet.

How it works

After registration, you need to recruit bettors who are treated to some privileges that include convenience and a wide selection of games. As you bring in more players, your commission will also increase. For instance, 0 to 15 affiliates will earn you a 25% commission while 6 to 15 of them are worth 30% commission. The deal gets even better when you get over 35 affiliates since the value shoots up to 40% commission. The commissions are computed upon all the earnings that the casino receives from a new recruit that joins through your link.

To be incorporated under the above program, you must have attained the age of 18. However, the company reserves the right to turn down your application without any explanation. You also have only one chance to register.

Betway Partners Africa

This is equally a performance-based program that rewards efforts where affiliates earn commissions depending on the number of customers they recruit. Once you subscribe to the Betway partners program, the casino allows you to use multiple payment options, marketing resources as well as high-end tools for tracking your progress. The program is developed to market Betway as a brand. Your role as the affiliate is to market and convince more customers to subscribe to this brand, and the tracking mechanism will identify and pay you for the number of recruits you bring on board.

888 Affiliates Program

888 Casino has a wide global online presence, and it offers the best-personalized commission plans which come in handy for Kenyan affiliates. Although becoming an affiliate can be quite challenging since the brand only looks to be associated with quality, the program has impressive amounts of promotional materials for you to use. In terms of payment, they offer a huge selection of payment methods and you are guaranteed on-time monthly payments.

The 888 affiliate program also offers competitive commission compared to other gambling affiliate programs with up to 40% revenue share, and there are CPA options available. Some of the top-performing brands on the 888 affiliate program include; 888 casino affiliate program, 888poker affiliate program, and 888ladies affiliate program.

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