Technology: 6 Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying The OPPO A93


I will just go right ahead and say this. When I came to learn about the Oppo A93 I got intrigued. Especially since so many new brands and types of smartphones have been released in the past few months, making one wonder, why would there be a need for additional phones. However, once I saw what this latest update to the A-series can do, I held my horses. Have a look at the previous model; the OPPO A92

Right now you have to admit that people are not buying smartphones like they used to. While before it didn’t matter if a phone could just do the bare minimum, nowadays people are more interested in devices that can meet the current needs. That includes a good camera -both rear and selfie camera for quality pictures, videos, and virtual meetings, a sizeable battery that optimizes usage, and a sleek design because looks do matter.

So what makes the Oppo A93 any different and why should you consider spending Ksh 30,999 to buy it?

  1. The camera

Lets just hit the nail at the head. There’s no denying that in 2020, a phone with a quad camera is where all the magic’s at. Which is what you’ll find in this smartphone.

The Oppo A93 presents a front dual camera and a quad back camera, guaranteeing that you never miss out on the action. On the front is the 16MP and a 2MP dual camera that leverages hardware-level processing to add bokeh effect to portrait selfies. While on the back, you get a 48MP with f/1.7 aperture, + 8MP ultra-wide lens with 119 field of view, and two 2MP monochrome sensors with f/2.4 aperture.

Both front and back cameras are also integrated with AI technology to enhance your camera experience while ensuring that you get both crisp and sharp footages.

  1. Slow motion video

Aside from the innovative camera technology, the OPPO A93 supports 4K video and ultra steady mode for seamless vlogging and filming. Not only can you get high-quality videos with this smartphone, but with the slow-motion support, you can freeze your videos to get creative shots that defy convention.

  1. Upgraded chipset

For a smooth gaming experience, without the phone lagging, overheating, or restarting after every other minute, your phone needs to have a powerful engine that can support these functions. So does the OPPO A93 miss a beat? No. This smartphone comes with an upgraded chip known as the Media Tek Helio P95 running on an octa-core processor (2.2, 2.0GHz). What this means is, with a smartphone like the OPPO A93 you will never have to complain about, speeds – in terms of response and action to display pipeline, visuals, power efficiency or performance.

Considering this phone comes with a screen estate of 6.43 inches and dual punch hole super AMOLED display – (90% screen to body ratio), saying that you’re in for an immersive experience maybe an understatement.

  1. Storage

Just like the processor, storage plays a crucial part in supporting the performance of your phone. With ample storage, both RAM and ROM your phone operates seamlessly, without lagging, restarting, stuttering. Hence to optimize efficiency and performance OPPO A93 comes with 128GB internal storage and 8GB RAM which guarantee faster processing.

The phone also has a microSD slot of up to 256GB giving you the opportunity to expand storage capacity when you need to.

  1. Battery

It would beat logic if a smartphone came with a powerful processor, the latest software, hardware and features then lacked the most basic thing of all, a good sizeable battery. However, the OPPO A93 comes a 4000mAh battery that has an 18W fast charging feature.

But how fast is the fast charging solution? From tests and experiments, the phone charges up to 25% in 20 minutes. With a 5 minute charge, you can browse on Instagram for 1hour, talk for 2 hours, or watch videos on YouTube for 1hour. Talk of endurance and resilience. Realme C15, a subsidiary brand of OPPO also has a massive battery. Check to how fast charging and the 18W feature works

However, it is common knowledge that with big batteries there’s the risk of battery degradation. This happens when you constantly leave your phone charging overnight which often leads to overcharging. However, with the OPPO A93 you don’t have. to worry about that anymore. The OPPO A93 is equipped with AI night charging, which trickle charges the phone to 80% as you sleep, and then to completion at an AI determined wake-up time.

  1. In-display sensor

While a fingerprint sensor at the rear of your phone is good, an in-display sensor might even be better -depending on your taste and size of the phone. Some people find it easier to access an in-display sensor than a rear fingerprint sensor if the phone is big, while others never mind at all as long as the sensors are operational.

Bottom line is that with the OPPO A93 the privacy of your phone is guaranteed. Additionally, with the 3.0 in-display sensor, you don’t have to worry about reliability and slow response time.

To find out more here’s an in-depth look at the OPPO A93 specs and features

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