What You Need To Know About Ibis Styles Hotel & The New Menu At Kilele Nyama Restaurant

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As a customer, or an avid explorer of good places to eat out in Nairobi, do you ever wonder what it is that determines your choice? 

Does the cuisine take precedence over the location or do other factors matter? This is a question that came to mind as I was busy looking for the best restaurants in Nairobi where you can catch the sunset. I mean who hates the 360 experience of fine dining, wining, getting entertained, and still feeling like you’re in touch with nature?

Ibis Styles Hotels, located in Westlands Nairobi is one of the places where you will get such an experience. This establishment which stands tall just a few miles from the city takes you away from the chaos, busyness, and bustle of the streets to expose you to one of the most interesting views of the Nairobi skyline. You can get such a view via the hotel but once you get to the restaurant on the roof, that’s when you step into the ultimate experience.

Introducing Kilele Nyama, the restaurant highly known for its soft tender cuts and tranquility that beats everything you’ve come to know about the city. The ambiance which translates the whole experience crowns the mood-setting you up for a time of fun and merry.

But aside from the ambiance, let’s look at other highlights that make you want to head to Ibis Styles Hotels, Kilele Nyama restaurant. 

  1. Food

Aside from switching up our routine, often we go out for a taste of food that is cooked differently or for cuisine that we’d so like to try. Kilele Nyama has often received praises for the titillating chunks of meat that never fail to live up to its name. Yet aside from their popular dish the restaurant provides a new menu that enlists different assortments to cater to various preferences.

To give you a sneak peek; on the list of starters, you will find samosas, spring rolls, and a shared starter platter where you get the chance to combine particular items provided. 

On the main course, different stylised beef dishes are included like fillet steak, chargrilled rack of short ribs, and chateaubriand.  Chateaubriand is another term for grilled fillet of tenderloin that’s served with your choice of sauce and two sides. 


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Something you should know is that the steak at Kilele Nyama is served differently depending on taste and how you prefer your bites. Options include;

  • Rare – This is the option for someone who likes their steak the least done. You may be asking, isn’t that similar to eating raw meat? But on the contrary, connoisseurs find this steak the best alternative – only second to medium-rare. This is because rare steak is more tender, healthier, flavourful and the freshest. 

As described by Kilele Nyama, a steak that’s rarely done is usually browned on the surface and cool in the middle. Thus to ensure that customers enjoy their rare steak without the risk of ailments that come with undercooked meat, the restaurant sources their cuts from a reputable organic source known as Burguret farm.  Nevertheless, if this option doesnt tick your fancy, Kilele Nyama gives you the next alternative.

  • Medium rare – A medium-rare steak is browned over the surface, but warm and red to pink in the middle.  Just like the steak that’s rarely done, this cut is likely to have some red liquid dripping from the middle. This is one of the mysteries of undercooked meat, however contrary to popular belief, this is usually not blood. Rather its a protein known as myoglobin and water, which make the delicious juices of the steak. 
  • Medium – Kilele Nyama calls this a real pleaser. It is a firm steak than medium rare with pink in the middle. Perhaps if you don’t prefer your cut with red juices, this option will entice your palate. The meat is still tender and juicy but without the pinkish liquid 
  • Medium well – This is a slightly juicy steak but with no red liquid, just a hint a pink in the middle. 
  • Well – Kilele Nyama calls this the most popular request. A steak that’s well done is browned, firm and cooked throughout with no pink in the middle. 

Other dishes

Kilele Nyama does not only offer beef, but also includes other dishes like lean cuts of pork, fish, chicken and you can find alternatives like Kuku Kienyeji, Samaki dry/wet and Mbuzi choma. You will also find stylish dishes to go along with the main dish, wraps, burgers,  salads., desserts and the various sauces to complement your course. 

   2. Drinks

There’s no eating without drinking right? Kilele Nyama provides both hot and cold beverages to quench your thirst. Non-alcoholic cold/iced drinks include shakes, smoothies, slushies, mocktails, juices soda and water. On the other hand, different variants of coffee and tea are included in the menu, for anyone who would prefer a hot beverage before or after their meal. 

When it comes to alcoholic drinks, an array of cocktails, beer, spirits, liqueurs whisky, brandy, gin, rum, vodka, tequila, and wine are provided 

Sale of alcoholic drinks is only allowed with a meal and happy hour – for the cocktail lovers runs all day. When you buy select cocktails at Kilele Nyama you get one free.

   3. Value for money

Ibis Style Hotels is the ideal spot for a business traveller who is conscious of their value for money and affordability. The hotel and restaurant are warm and well equipped for solo travellers, families and groups. At the hotel, you will find 277 bedrooms mainly characterised by space efficiency are tastefully designed with pops of colour, stylish and trendy touches, to match the savvy explorer. You have access to high-speed WI-Fi, amenities like the newly opened fitness centre and the coffee shop/take away bar at the ground floor. The rooftop boasts of a sports bar, the Kilele Nyama restaurant and the panoramic views of the city.

With Ksh10,000 you are eligible for a staycation deal for 2 at the Ibis styles hotel. The deal includes an overnight’s stay in a twin room at the hotel, a 3-course dinner and a bottle of wine for two people.


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 4. Art & Culture

Culture is an important aspect in any restaurant and even so in the Ibis Styles Hotels. With unique works of music and art, Ibis Styles Hotels showcases its authenticity to its customers, while assuring anyone who enters the hotel, that this is the place where value meets style. Not do you get to enjoy a unique cultural experience while staying at the hotel or if dining at the Kilele Nyama restaurant, but with the team of rock stars at Ibis Styles, you will always be entertained.


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   5. Location

As mentioned before, Kilele Nyama is located inside the Ibis Styles Hotels in Westlands. This Strategic location guarantees that you can get to the restaurant or hotel in a few minutes and still get back to the CBD just as fast. Due to its unique location, its also not hard for you to get a cab if need arises. For travellers, this is a vantage point because aside from the restaurant being so accessible the Ibis Styles Hotel is also right at your disposal. 

Social distancing remains a crucial precautionary measure in light of the COVID-19 crisis. Recognising this, Ibis Styles Hotels have effected the 1.5-metre rule in all public areas and restaurants and the 2-metre rule in hotel meeting spaces. To minimize contact around the elevators, only two persons are allowed, or one family at one time. Overall appropriate spacing is encouraged in all public areas. The importance of social distancing.

Ibis Style Hotels remain open and ready to welcome guests to stay and dine in service at the rooftop restaurant Kilele Nyama. For more information and bookings visit the Accor’s website where you can also get to review the restaurants, bars and type cuisines available at Kilele Nyama

Earlier this year Accor launched the live limitless lifestyle program at Movenpick hotel and residences.

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