Product Review: Nivea Perfect & Radiant Even Tone Day Cream


When it comes to good quality moisturizers, Nivea has established itself as a leading skincare brand in the department. It’s hard not to see why. They have a wide range of affordable products that cater to almost every skincare need including anti-aging, toning, sun protection, and overall nourishment among others. Therefore, it didn’t take much to convince me to try the Nivea Perfect & Radiant Even Tone Day Cream once I stumbled upon it while looking for ways to revamp my skincare routine. Speaking of, here are 6 Tips To Give Your Skincare Routine A Makeover

A good moisturizer is an essential product for healthy-looking skin. Due to numerous external factors such as dust, heat, soaps, and even cold weather, our skin tends to lose moisture throughout the day. This can lead to dry and dull-looking skin which in turn leads to fine lines and premature aging.

I have normal skin but lately, I noticed it was getting drier than usual. It could because of the change in the environment as I have recently moved to a colder area. As such, my skin would break out and it had begun to lose its glow. Once I figured out my problem, I started looking for affordable moisturizers available in the market. I hadn’t really used a face cream before so I didn’t know where to start. However, it didn’t take long to find the Nivea Even Tone Day Cream thanks to the great reviews online.

The Product

The product is creamy and light with a sweet scent that instantly gives you a refreshing feel. It absorbs quickly into the skin giving you a soft and dewy finish. Once I applied the product, my skin stayed moisturized for several hours and after a few days of wearing the Nivea Even Tone Day Cream, I was glowing even after washing off the product. It did meet and exceed my expectations in terms of moisturizing my skin which is enough to make me include it in my skincare products.

Nivea Even Tone Day Cream.

Apart from moisturizing, it’s jam-packed with other ingredients such as Vitamin E, SPF-15, and Eventone Pure Active benefits which promise to combat the effects of UV rays and fade dark spots. My skin looks brighter than before though I still have dark spots. However, I’ve been using the product for two weeks now and it might take a bit more time to notice such changes.

Two weeks after using Nivea Even Tone Day Cream.

The Package

The Nivea Even Tone Day Cream comes in an attractive box with an illustration of the product inside so you know exactly what to expect. It also includes the ingredients, how they work, usage instructions, and result expectations on the box. Inside, there’s a 50 ml cylindrical translucent container with a branded white cover. Though it’s made of plastic, it’s very good quality and has a high-end look. This is a product you’d proudly display on your shelf or bathroom.

The Cost

Nivea products are known to be on the pricier side. However, I found it quite affordable for a product in its category that offers so many skincare benefits. You can get the product from Goodlife outlets at Ksh 635.

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