Cars And More: A Review Of The Toyota Premio


The Toyota Premio and its twin the Toyota Allion are 5 seater sedans sold in by Toyota since 2001. The sedans are designated as a compact car by Japanese dimension regulations and the exterior dimensions do not change with periodic updates. The Premio is the successor of the Corona which first appeared in 1957 and the Allion the replacement for the Carina.

Locally the Premio has been a mainstay in the premium saloon segment section with three engine sizes; 1.5-, 1.8- and 2.0-litre. The 2.0-litre model received a CVT; the smaller engines were each fitted with four-speed automatic transmission. The Toyota Premio is all about comfort with well-padded seats with very comfortable headrests.

The driver’s seat is electronically adjustable for a comfortable drive fitting to the driver settings before setting off driving on the road. The legroom on the Premio is quite adequate with the front spaced well even for tall drivers. With 3 seatbelts at the back, it can carry 3 adults passengers extremely well in relative comfort even on long distances.

The Dashboard features a wood trim with leather and smooth plastic panels. The dashboard display and the centre console are well positioned with the entertainment unit well placed. The interiors come in different materials giving the car a very posh feel and the back seats are quite comfortable, they can carry 3 fully grown adults quite comfortably.  With the different engine sizes, the Premio is quite an economical car doing well both in the city traffic and on long-distance journeys. It also comes with a very spacious boot that can fit all your family luggage for your Christmas escapades.

Aesthetically the Toyota Premio is a very nice looking car with a nice looking front end with fog lights and HID headlights coupled with a curvaceous exterior design and a wide variety of colours available.


  1. It’s a Toyota so spare and service parts are widely available.
  2. Good resale value for a relatively good saloon car which does offer a lot more than the Toyota Fielder or Axio.
  3. A comfortable and nice-looking car which is at home in the Shamba in Nyeri or in Naivasha by the lake.
  4. Overall, a very good combination of a highway cruiser, daily driver around town and off-road ability (driven it through national parks without it breaking anything)
  5. Servicing costs are modest with intervals of between 5,000 to 15,000 kms. Parts are very available in Nairobi.

Tips for buying a new car!


  1. Well, many of the same model on Kenyan roads at this time so you won’t stand out from any crowd any time soon.
  2. Due to demand in spare parts, you will have to rivet in everything and chain your side mirrors to your car or else they will be yanked and sold back to you downtown.

The Toyota Premio is a good-looking capable saloon car that does quite well in the local market. It does hold its value well is economical and is good for anyone looking for a family car.

Current price in the market – 1,200,000 to around 1,500,000 for the 2014 model.

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