Product Review: Chapstick Total Hydration Lip Scrub


If you suffer from chronically dry lips as I do, then having a good lip scrub in your arsenal is a must. However, lip care is one of the most overlooked steps in many skincare routines. It took me a while before I discovered the value of lip scrub. Additionally, I wasn’t sure whether they would do more harm to my already chapped lips. How To Keep Your Lips Looking Luscious

Just like the skin, lips are susceptible to dryness due to external factors. It gets worse if you wear lipstick regularly. Lip scrubs can help curb the effects of these factors giving you smooth, crack-free lips. Additionally, you can use a lip scrub to prime your lips before applying matte lipstick. This helps you avoid getting dry and flaky lips due to the matte effect.

While there is a wide range of lip scrubs in the market, the Chapstick Total Hydration Lip Scrub is more appealing to people on a budget like me. Since it was my first time experimenting with lip scrubs, I wasn’t willing to spend thousands on a product I wasn’t sure of.

The Product

The scrub consists of sugar crystals mixed with coconut oil, shea butter, and Vitamin E giving it a slightly rough but moist texture that gently exfoliates your lips. It also has a peppermint flavour which not only smells delicious but gives the product a cooling effect. I loved this product since, unlike some lip scrubs, the sugar crystals aren’t over diluted in oil or too dense that they literally fall off. It offers great consistency that easily buffs onto the lips. It contains naturally sourced ingredients so it’s safe if you happen to consume it.

After using the product, my lips felt silky smooth which would last for days. The appearance also began to lighten since the lip scrub got rid of the dead skin and lipstick stains causing pigmentation.

You can use the lip scrub on wet or dry lips. For me, I prefer using it on dry lips as I feel, you get the most out of it. Simply scoop a small amount and rub it on your lips for a few minutes until the sugar is almost completely gone. Wipe off the product with a wet cloth soaked in warm water then apply a hydrating lip balm.

The Package

It comes in a branded cover (which I threw when I unpackaged it… oops) with a small cylindrical container attached to it. On the cover, it states that the product is a natural lip scrub with naturally sourced ingredients. The container is also branded with Chapstick’s logo both at the top and bottom. I didn’t expect it to be this small at only 7.5 grams. However, it has lasted for quite some time and the product is not even halfway gone.

The Cost

As mentioned, the Chapstick Total Hydration Lip Scrub is one of the more affordable and reliable lip scrubs in the market. This doesn’t mean that it’s cheap. It costs Ksh 1,000 at Jumia which is relatively pricey for such a small product. However, most beauty gurus will tell you this is a good deal for a lip scrub from a recognized brand such as Chapstick.

Here are tips to make your own lip scrub at home. 3 Simple Yet Heavenly DIY Lip Scrub Recipes

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