10 Ways To Ensure Your Security While Attending A Concert

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There’s always the occasional incident that makes you question whether you’ll be attending another concert. Whether it’s an unsolicited sexual contact, pickpocketing or even physical assault, these things can not only ruin your experience but also put your life at risk. However, most times, we’re oblivious of the dangers that lurk while attending a concert especially at the end of the night which makes us an easy target of ill-intentioned people. Here are some ways you can ensure you’re safe while attending a concert.

  1. Have A Game Plan

If you arrive earlier than your friend or during the concert, you become separated, always have a plan of how you’ll regroup while staying safe. Don’t walk around looking for them as this will only make you exhausted and frustrated. Instead, agree on a specific place where you’ll be in case you’re not together. Make sure you stay at the place until you find each other and let them know the importance of sticking to the plan beforehand.

  1. Look For Security

A well-organized concert should have several security guards in different locations. Check where the closest security guard is to you in case you need their help. They may be looking out for any trouble but it’s impossible to notice everything. Knowing where they are can prevent a bad situation from getting worse.

  1. Hide Your Valuables

Nothing kills the mood like when you realize you’ve lost your phone or wallet while partying. As such you should avoid carrying big bags to a concert as this makes you a target for pickpockets. Try to carry small, concert-friendly bags like a fanny pack or a cross bag. Additionally, you can conceal your valuables such as wallets and phones in your sock or front pockets which makes it difficult to pickpocket.

People at a concert. Image from https://wallpaperscraft.com/download/concert_crowd_people_134866/3840×2160
  1. Go Easy On The Alcohol

Alcohol may help enhance the concert experience but you should avoid overindulging. Being drunk increases your chances of something wrong happening as it leads to poor decision making. Thugs also prey on drunk revellers as they’re easy to overpower. Ensure you drink within your limits and if you’re drinking, ensure there’s at least one sober person among your friends who can keep you in check.

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  1. Keep Your Phone On

What good is your phone when it’s off? Your phone contains numerous applications that can ensure your safety while attending a concert such as Uber and a phone tracker. Additionally, this is the easiest way to stay in contact with your friends in case you’re separated from them. Therefore, you should avoid running the battery low by keeping usage to the minimum. Ensure when you leave the house, your phone is fully charged and if possible, carry a power bank.

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  1. Scan Your Environment

While attending a concert, most people spend more time posting on social media and staring at their phones than checking their environment. This could make you miss obvious suspicious behaviour. Try to enjoy your concert experience while scanning your surroundings to save you from a horrible experience. Look for unusual behaviour like people moving around in the crowd.

  1. Stay At The Edge Of The Crowd

The safest place to be while attending a concert is at the edge of the crowd. You’re less likely to encounter pickpockets and in case of a commotion, you’ll be able to exit to space easier. If you notice the centre isn’t filled up, hang back and wait for the crowd to grow bigger. Never make your way to the centre of the crowd.

8. Dress Appropriately

Deciding what to wear to a concert can be tricky. You have to bear in mind that you’ll be outdoors for hours and anything can happen. Make sure your outfit choice promotes your safety. Avoid wearing shoes that can easily come off or that can make you trip in case you have to evade a stampede. Additionally, wear clothes that won’t get easily torn or pulled.

9. Be Polite

If someone is aggressively pursuing you and you’re not interested, avoid matching their energy. Instead, be as polite as possible. Say something like, “my friend is waiting for me.” This will let them know that you have back up in case they try to assault you. Additionally, they’re likely to walk away since they don’t feel rejected or embarrassed.

10. Follow The Rules

When attending a concert, avoid going to places that you have no authorization to go like the backstage or the VIP area as this could land you in trouble. You may get into an altercation with the security prompting them to rain blows on you. Additionally, be respectful to the security personnel and do as you’re told as their sole purpose is to ensure your safety.

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