Our Friendship Turned Into A Competition & Then She Stole My Man Part 2

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The Axe Forgets But The Tree Remembers

This is a story of two women who were friends but become enemies when a man comes into the picture. Marvin begins liking Joan, but after a few weeks together, he starts going out with Joan’s friend Jolene. Jolene, on the other hand, likes Marvin but she is torn between two guys given that she already has a boyfriend whose name is Alex. Joan who feels cheated hatches a plan to get back at Jolene by serving her a taste of her own medicine. To know how it all started, check out Our Friendship Turned Into A Competition & Then She Stole My Man


Give to Ceasar what belongs to Ceasar is a saying that had stuck in my mind ever since I found out that Jolene had a thing for Marvin. I didn’t care much (ok I did) that they were in a relationship but because it hurt to think that Jolene had chosen him over me. Besides I couldn’t stomach her condescending attitude which was fueled by the fact that she thought she was the chosen one. I can’t deny that she had won the battle but little did she know I was in the race to win the war or so I thought.

Alex was the guy few knew and dared to talk to. With almond-shaped eyes, a high nose bridge that complemented the fullness of his mouth and a face that many would love, I knew where my bets were placed. The problem was that he and Jolene were sweethearts, at least on occasions when Jolene wasn’t busy speed dating or competing over Marvin. A few times I wondered while Jolene was busy with other guys what was Alex doing? This though wasn’t the only thing I had been curious about. I was also curious about Alex, particularly the glances he darted me whenever he came to visit Jolene.

Our school was on a break. Students had left the university premises and only a few students in other schools remained behind to carry on with their studies. Alex fell in this category. Being an engineer he remained behind because his semester was still far from over. But for me being an art student I was supposed to have left the school if not for the clearance that was taking forever to finish. I had seen Jolene leave while I was busy running my errands and for grace’s sake had bid her goodbye. She cared for my pleasantries as much as I cared for hers but since we were not animals in a jungle, ignoring each other was no option.

Two days passed and finally, I had only a night left before I could also break for my holidays. I had packed and I only needed to grab a snack for dinner then call it a night. The following day, I would be travelling. But just as I was tucking myself into bed I heard a knock on the door.

I wasn’t expecting anyone, and I wasn’t about to start engaging the hostel’s matron who would make such impromptu visits especially at night. But before I could switch off the lights, I heard another knock so I went to open it. Alex was at the door. I couldn’t hide the surprise on my face but the tiny butterflies in my stomach I could. I was nervous. What was he doing at my place, I wondered. Before the silence turned anymore awkward, he started,

“I know it’s late but can I come in?”

I was lost for words but I was curious. So I let him in and offered him a seat. Without hesitation, he asked, “Are Jolene and Marvin a couple?”

Is that a real question? I quizzed silently then proceeded to say, “I know they are good friends.”

Alex continued to explain why he thought Jolene and Marvin were more than friends, how he and Jolene were constantly arguing because of Marvin and before all my sighs could run out he changed the subject.

“Anyway, that is not what brought me here.”

“What brought you here?” I asked.

“I have been meaning to tell you that it’s been a while now since I started feeling attracted to you.”

Wasn’t he fussing about Jolene a second ago? This was getting interesting so I continued to listen.

“I know you have caught me checking you out not once, and I have seen the way you look at me…”

I admit that Alex was hard to ignore. But whatever he assumed, I couldn’t wait to find out.

“So tell me am I wrong?” he looked at me hopefully.

“Yes, you are wrong.” I hoped that I could mask my excitement with some explanation about why we couldn’t be or that I wasn’t interested in him, but before I could finish my sentence he was already by my side and he leaned in for a kiss.


Three months went by without us seeing each other. We communicated through calls and the occasional texts which Alex would send when he was not too caught up with his work. Alex had gotten an attachment in Nakuru and me being in Nairobi almost made it impossible for us to meet as frequently as we would like.

He’d made it clear that he’d broken up with Jolene partly because she was cheating on him and mainly because he had feelings for me. I was rolling with the punches and often felt exhilarated for having served Jolene a taste of her own medicine.

But something else was pricking me though. Jolene’s attitude towards me had changed and she was back to the little goody two shoes she had once been. She made sure to check on me, what I was doing during the holiday and even dared confess that she was just infatuated with Marvin. According to her, Marvin was just a friend and she hoped that deep down it would work out between us. I dared not ask more because I wasn’t sure if she was baiting me or fishing for information. At the back of my mind, I wondered what if she was being sincere and I had just become the villain for dating her boyfriend out of spite. I really hoped I was wrong!

School opened and we went back to the boring routine of going to class, and back to the hostels. I had more free time on my hands and Alex was almost done with his attachment. Perhaps I should’ve been happier but meeting Jolene made me feel anxious.

She would talk about Alex, saying how she intended to get back with him and that it wouldn’t take long because their friendship was still intact. Apparently, what Alex had failed to mention through the past three months we couldn’t see each other, was that he was still in contact with Jolene. I felt mad and at the same time relieved because, if they managed to patch things up, I would be less guilty of breaking it in the first place. So I thought.

But who would take away the anger and jealousy that was growing each time I heard Jolene mention Alex. One time as if she was speaking to me, she had insisted on showing me all the tokens of love, pictures of them together and souvenirs Alex had given her. Perhaps Jolene hadn’t changed at all, the thought had crept into my mind. She just wore a coat of many colours, accentuating only what was convenient as per the situation. I concluded.

Walking out of her house the last time I was at her house, I was determined to show her how it felt to be betrayed and made fun of. So without any hesitation or doubt, I made the call. Alex picked up and we made plans for him to visit me during the weekend. It didn’t bother me that Jolene would find out about us, actually, I hoped everything would be out sooner rather than later.

Saturday came and so did Alex. It was the second time I was seeing him ever since we shared that kiss three months ago. He looked even sexier than the first time I saw him. I couldn’t help but think that I was falling for him. Perhaps being away from everyone and having two girlfriends had that effect on him. I welcomed him with a kiss and we started catching up.

We talked laughed, ate and after one hour too many, he started fidgeting with my buttons. The room was beginning to heat up and it could only be matched by the hot blood that was running through us. I could hear movement outside, and laughter as some of the girls in our hostels went on with their business. So I stood from where I sat and proceeded to get some water in a bid to put a distance between us. Alex wasn’t far behind, and just as I turned after pouring myself a glass of water he planting a kiss on my lips with vigour and passion I hadn’t felt before.

My mind went blank. I couldn’t think nor could I hear the noise from outside or the glass that went shattering down the floor. All I thought is that I could enjoy that moment for days on end. Alex removed his shirt then unbuckled his belt joining my top was already on the floor. We were getting hot and heavy, and just as he was pulling off my pants, I heard my name. For a moment I assumed that it was my guilty conscience calling but then I heard it once again.

She had a habit of shouting my name from way before she reached my door. So I heard her calling my name once, then a second time, but before her steps could reach the door I knew there was no other way to tell her that her boyfriend was my new boyfriend.

Shit!!! I had sort of wanted this but I was also regretting it. Jolene was here.

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