Movenpick Partners With Hennessy To Kick Off The Festive Season In Style

From left, Fitness trainer Frank Kiarie, Content creator Brenda kwamboka, Content writer Lynda Chalker, Content creators Amar Jonathan & Laban Michael at Movenpick, during the Hennessy Cocktail event.

Just in time to usher in the holidays, Movenpick partnered with the worlds’ leading cognac maker Hennessy to kick off the festive seasons in a celebratory mood.

Through an event that saw friends, guests, both macro and big influencers converge to end the year in style at Movenpick, the event featured culinary experience that could only be matched by the different cocktails made at the hotel’s Kijani restaurant.

The event was by invitation only and just but a few guests were present to share the big space that overlooked the big heated blue watered pool. Yet I couldn’t help but think that perhaps if not for the covid-19 restrictions and guidelines, the more the merrier would’ve been the vibe for this celebration. 

Echoing the same sentiments, Alexander Helaine, Hennessy Market Manager for Eastern Africa, noted that, “In as much as we can’t have everyone come together, the partnership with Movenpick will help curate upcoming festive season experiences, ensuring that everyone has a feel-good time – even by themselves – as they look forward to closing the year.” 

Since this collaboration comes at a time when the hotel industry is grappling with creative ways to redefine their products and services, Michael Flint, Movenpick General Manager, highlighted that the partnership with Hennesy is set to strengthen the efforts needed in providing guests with quality services and products, as well as boost support for exciting product launches and upcoming events.

Perhaps it is with the same spirit that Movenpick organised this event to usher in the festive season all while unveiling new ways to make cocktails. 

The event which kicked off in the evening with the golden sunset rays setting a background against the towering hotel’s rooms provided a serene ambience and a perfect setting for a nice evening full of fun, food, soft music and laughter. 

Snacks for starters and different cocktails for drinks were the first items to be served to guests who enjoyed the warm space and getting reacquainted after the long year 2020 has been. 

As one strong cocktail lover, my night had just begun as I enjoyed sipping on some Hennessy cocktail while snacking on an array of finger foods that kept coming. 

At this point, I should be mad at the service team who didn’t give me a heads up that I was in for a “long” night of feasting. Which is something I would realise later just when I thought the eating was over. But it did happen. After almost satiating myself with the delicious olives, croquettes, finger samosas and the overflowing cocktails, then did the culinary series of multi-course dishes start coming my way. 

Even on a full stomach, I will confess that I can’t ignore some chicken wings. So I did not. Considering how they were perfectly garnished crispy, creamy and very tasty I almost settled for this as my dish for the night. But then immediately a dish of stir-fried rice was served. How could I miss the chance to try on this popular Asian dish that was enriched with vegetables, eggs and chicken? So I did. Not with the chopsticks though, because curfew time would reach as I struggled to successfully get a morsel of rice to my mouth. Movenpick’s Executive Chef Aris tried to make this experience bliss by illustrating how we should hold the chopsticks but in the end, I had to get a spoon. I felt bad interfering with the whole Asian customary cutlery which then messed the finesse and elegance of eating the dish, but I was glad I got to eat the rice. 

Stir-fried rice with chicken wings on the side and a glass of Hennessy cocktail

By this time you should be wondering where I would find the space to add more food but this is what I discovered. Visual hunger is something else from stomach hunger. Because upon the arrival of a bowl of noodles, that had the right amounts of greens and reds to tickle my brain, I was ready to dig in. 

A bowl of noodles served at Movenpick Kijani restaurant.

What a sumptuous meal to have? I would ask myself as I followed up with a sip of the Hennesy cocktail, a bite of some potatoes wedges, beef skewers, some lobster and then a spoonful of delicious fruits that passed my way. 

I should’ve known that this was the beginning of the many different desserts that would be served. But I imagined that between the photo sessions and the conversations I would get a breather.


One thing I didn’t factor is that only 10 minutes remained until the end of the event which was to be at 8 p.m. So did the attendants take note. Boy did the fancy tiny servings of sweetness begin to fill our table. This is when eating with my eyes couldn’t do me any good and so I left everything for the camera. Otherwise anymore and my dress couldn’t get me home. I have to say I wasn’t alone in this experience. In fact, some people were considering checking in for the night. 

But could dinner away from home be anymore filling? Ask Movenpick, because they had another gift in store. To culminate our experience and the feast that was, each guest received a two-day cake (takes two days to make) that made it clear the festive season had begun. 

Fault Covid for such a lovely night getting cut short. Because even with exhilaration filling the air, everyone still had to worry about beating the curfew. Nevertheless, this experience remained one worth repeating. 


So much for ending the year in style, right? If only I wore sweatpants, instead of a dress and heels. But then I couldn’t match the themed event, could I?

Speaking of Hennessy and cocktails, here are a few cocktails you can try at home – 10 Cognac Recipes That You Should Try Out At Home

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