7 Ways To Deal With Moving Back Home

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Most adults dream of the day they move to a place of their own but nobody really anticipates moving back home. Life happens and whether it’s hard financial times or a bad relationship, you may decide to turn back home to gather yourself. Despite the reception, this move is never easy and most people feel like they’ve hit rock bottom. However, you can still thrive after moving back home. Here are some ways to deal with moving back home in a positive manner.

  1. Don’t Change

You may want to go back to being that little girl or boy who lived at home years ago. However, you need to realize that you’re an adult and that shouldn’t change whether you’re living with your parents or not. Take care of some bills, help prepare dinner, and participate in family matters. Don’t be that person who moves back home and sleeps all day.

  1. Set Boundaries

Moving back home doesn’t mean that your parents can invade your privacy. Ensure that you let them know the lines that shouldn’t be crossed especially since you were already adapted to living away from home. Things like curfew and having guests over should be discussed early on to avoid stepping on anyone’s toes. It’s better to get the awkward conversations out of the way before settling in at home.

  1. Avoid Spending All Your Time At Home

Don’t push your commitments and hobbies aside just because you’ve moved back home. Staying indoors could make you feel miserable and isolated from the world you were used to. Therefore, you should maintain your normal routine so as to have a reason to leave the house. Besides, you still need to actively find a way to get your own place, and staying at home all the time won’t help.

A woman moving back home. Image from https://www.cosmopolitan.co.za/life/truth-about-moving-back-home/
  1. Prepare For Judgment

Even if your parents welcome you back with open arms, they may still have some reservations or they may want to take over again in their parenting role. They may try to control your finances or offer unsolicited advice when you do something they don’t agree with. Once you realize that they’re only looking out for you, you can avoid feeling resentful. Additionally, if you don’t want judgment, try to keep your plans to yourself.

  1. Be Courteous

This is not just to show gratitude for the welcome but also to keep the peace around the house. When moving back home, you may be easily irritable since you’re probably under a lot of stress. This increases the risks of butting heads with your parents which can escalate to more family drama. The easiest way to avoid crossing such lines is to act as a guest and offer some courtesy to your parents. Say “thank you” when they do something for you and don’t assume anything.

  1. Spend Time With The Family

Don’t isolate yourself as this could put a strain on your relationship with your family. Ensure you participate in family time. Eat dinner together, have family game nights, and call for family meetings every now and then. Let them know that you’re happy to be there and try to make great memories that you’ll be happy to reminisce over once you move out again.

  1. Know You’re Not Alone

It may seem like you’ve hit rock bottom when you’re the only person in your circle who has moved back home. However, many people have fallen into hard times and have resorted to moving back home. It might be comforting knowing that you’re not alone and others have been in the situation you’re in right now. Try connecting with other adults living at home and offering support.

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