Fashion: What Every Man Should Consider When Choosing A Bag

Man carrying a briefcase. Photo by Ono Kosuki from Pexels

Flash sales are on left, right and centre and just like the name suggests it may take you a minute before you think of the usefulness of a product before buying. On the other hand, making your bag stand out if not complement your outfit, can often be easier said than done. But since we don’t want such an essential accessory to fade into the background or be reduced to just a necessity, let’s look at the factors every man should consider when wearing a bag. The same can also apply when you’re out shopping for a new bag and you need tips to bank on.

  1. Functionality

Buy a bag you can use optimally. An ideal bag will fit your day to day essentials while serving both as an accessory and as a necessary tool for your convenience. 

The bag should also be functional in both design and ergonomics. For instance, your day to day bag needs to have easy to reach zippers for efficiency and additional fasteners for extra security. It should have internal and external pockets, where you can store items separately so that you don’t have to burrow all through whenever you’re in need of something.  For example, gym bags should have essential compartments where you can put your running shoes, sweaty clothes, and your water. Therefore, getting one with a drink holder will come in handy.

Since you cannot always be hands-free, getting a day to day bag with shoulder straps, instead of a purse, is best for practicality and comfort reasons.

  2. Quality & Material

The material of the bag you choose will depend on the occasion, place and personal style.

For example, a bag to carry to a formal place like the office needs to be simple and classy. Therefore, here you may opt to choose a bag made of leather or nylon. On the other hand, while you’re out jogging, riding a bicycle or doing any other sports, you may need to opt for a reflective panel bag as it is visible from a distance.

Ultimately the material of your bag should also support the purpose of the bag as you don’t want to end up in the office with a reflective panel or at the beach with a bag that doesn’t have waterproof compartments to protect your electronics.

Always inspect the bag for loose strings and careless stitching before parting with your cash. These are signs of poor quality which will affect the durability and longevity of your bag.

Man carrying a briefcase. Photo by Ono Kosuki from Pexels

   3. Size

Bags come in different styles and sizes. Depending on what you intend to use the bag for or the quantity of contents it will be transporting, therefore, its best to consider the size before making a purchase.

Laptop bags should have extra room for documents, chargers and a hardrive while totes and beach bags should be massive to accommodate multiple items. Here are the 5 things you should have in your carry-on bag

In this case, it helps to know the dimensions of your laptop before you buy the bag. This is so you don’t end up with a smaller bag or one too big that will often lead you to overfill it.

   4. Style

Choosing an office bag like a briefcase or a travel bag like the weekend bag requires that you keep it simple and classy. While choosing a fashion piece like the crossbody bag gives you the chance to play around with colours, sizes and designs. Here you may opt to have the bag in loud colours or logos to accentuate your fashion sense or have it match your outfit for a less hyped look. 

Hence, to avoid spending on a bag you will carry once and then lack use for it, try matching the bag of choice with the colour of shoes you wear often. An alternative is to ensure the colour complements your favourite shoe. Often this is how most people select bags that complement their style.

Bottom line, knowing the purpose of the bag will also play a key role in determining the style.

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