6 Ways To Maintain An Active Social Life While Working From Home

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With the coronavirus pandemic, more people have shifted from the office and are now working from home. Even before then, working remotely was a popular option as it allowed more flexibility compared to working in the office. However, it can be hard to maintain a healthy work-life balance when working from home. This is because there’s limited interaction with the outside world. Here are some things you can do to have an active social life while working from home.

  1. Block Your Calendar

People tend to overwork while working from home as they think it might seem like they’re not working hard enough when they take a break. If you’re having trouble walking away from your work station even for a lunch break, note it down in your work calendar. This way, you can let people know when you’ll be away. You can use this break to catch up with friends and family or even go for lunch outside the house. You could also consider getting a planner –  Here Are 5 Different Ways To Use A Planner

  1. Get A Pet

Having a pet will significantly improve the quality of your life while working from home especially if you live alone. Since you’re spending most of the day behind a desk, it might be difficult to make time to meet your friends throughout the week. A pet will help create an interactive environment thus countering feelings of loneliness. Additionally, having a pet will force you to go outside every now and then to either walk it or clean its litter box. Here are Things To Consider Before Getting A Pet

  1. Set Up Virtual Hangouts

You don’t have to physically meet with your friend and family to have a good time. With the immense technology available, you can stay in contact virtually. You can set up a conference call to celebrate new milestones or simply catch up. Additionally, you can have scheduled hangouts with your friends when you can do the same thing you would if you were meeting in person such as playing games, having drinks, and chatting.

Smiling black man using laptop at home. Image from https://www.istockphoto.com/photos/work-from-home
  1. Make Friends With Your Neighbours

If you’ve lived in your building for years and haven’t learned anything about your neighbours except their names, this is a good time to know who you live next to. You never know what you have in common with them. You can do random pop-ins to check up on them and when you become better friends, you can arrange for fun things to do together.

  1. Participate In Team Meetings

Team meetings confirm that you exist and this may be one of the few times you get to interact with other people throughout the week. Therefore, you should take full advantage of it. Try to attend each meeting and actively participate in them. Additionally, get to know any new colleagues who you may have joined the team while you’re working from home.

  1. Avoid Procrastination

You may be tempted to put off things while working from home whether it’s errands, social events, or even work itself. Things pile up over time and you may not be able to balance your work life and social life. To avoid this, start your work early. Try to get done with work as soon as possible so as to allow you time to do other things. Additionally, getting some of the bulk projects out of the way earlier on will help you avoid procrastination. Here are 6 Ways To Stop Procrastinating

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