Health & Business: 8 Benefits Of The Cannabis Plant

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Cannabis is one of the most researched plants in the world and after many years, the United Nations finally removed it from the list of the most dangerous drugs. Its former classification enforced strict laws around the plant that made it difficult to fully explore its potential despite its many benefits. It’s been reclassified with drugs like Oxycodone, Cocaine, and Fentanyl which are not illegal drugs but require high levels of control. This is a big win not only for all cannabis smokers around the world but also for the future of numerous industries including the textile and medical industry.

Cannabis has gone from being the forbidden fruit to the giving tree that never stops giving. Here are some benefits you can get from the cannabis plant.

  1. Coping With PTSD

PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a mental condition that happens after someone goes through a traumatic experience. People in high-risk jobs such as the army, policemen, firefighters, and doctors are more prone to PTSD due to the kinds of things they encounter in their line of duty. However, anyone who has been through a traumatic experience can be a victim. PTSD leads to insomnia, depression, and other mental illnesses which can often be prevented by using cannabis. It helps control the fight or flight response reducing stress in the body. Car Crash – Symptoms Of PTSD

  1. Slowing The Spread Of Cancer Cells

Cancer has become one of the deadliest diseases of the century. In most cases, death is preventable if detected and treated during its early stages. Research showed that cannabis had the ability to stop the spread of cancer by turning off the gene responsible for carrying cancer cells. Additionally, it found that found cannabis slowed down tumour growth in the brain, breast, and lungs considerately. Cancer – Here Are Some OF The Causes And Symptoms To Look Out For

  1. Improving Lung Health

Air pollutants can negatively affect the health of our lungs. Cannabis acts as a natural lung purifier.  Even when you smoke it, cannabis can help boost the quality of your lungs. THC, a property in cannabis, reverses the effects of cigarette smoke and other pollutants in the lungs and manage asthma attacks. However, it’s not advisable for people with asthma to smoke. In such cases, you can use it in other forms such as oils and vaporizers.

Cannabis plant in a greenhouse. Image from
  1. Alleviating Pain

From cancer treatments to menstrual cramps and age-related pains such as back and joint aches, cannabis can help relieve such pains and improve the quality of your life. THC and CBD in cannabis have anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce pain. A balance of the two ingredients is believed to be the most effective in alleviating pain. Check out The Health Benefits Of Cannabidiol (CBD Oil)

  1. Beating Other Drug Addictions

Compared to alcohol, Cannabis does not have the same effects. In fact, it’s 114 times safer than alcohol in terms of its effects and death rate. It’s reported that there are no known cannabis-induced deaths and it would take 20,000 to 40,000 times the amount of THC in one joint to cause death. On the other hand, the World Health Organization estimates that alcohol kills three million people throughout the world every year. As such, marijuana is a safer alternative if you’re chasing a high and can help you give up hard drugs as it puts you in a better mood.

  1. Boosting The Economy

The growth and sale of cannabis can be a lucrative business not only for individuals but also for the government. In America, states that have legalized the recreational and medical use of marijuana saw a huge tax boost which is projected to only go up over the years. The cannabis business has a multi-billion-dollar industry in countries that have legalized its growth and sale.

Additionally, it also provides an opportunity to create jobs in farms, factories, and retail shops. Some African countries such as South Africa have realized the significant economic benefits it can reap from the legalization of cannabis and have already started setting aside land for its growth.

  1. Making Affordable and Eco-Friendly Fabric

Long before cotton, people used hemp to make fabric. It’s a naturally occurring strain of cannabis used for industrial purposes. Hemp fabric is not only affordable but also long-lasting thanks to its resistance to UV rays and mould. As such, it offers a more sustainable and eco-friendly material. It offers better harvests compared to other fabric materials and requires less water and pesticides to grow.

  1. Building Houses

Cannabis also provides sustainable material for construction. The material, known as “hempcrete” is made from cannabis, lime, and water and has been around since the 80s. However, it has only recently come into the limelight. It’s mainly praised for its zero emissions and negative carbon footprint and opposed to other construction materials. Unlike the hemp fabric, producing hempcrete may cost more than producing ordinary building materials. However, as the cannabis industry grows, experts predict that there will be more hemp-based constructions.

*Pregnant women are advised not to take cannabis. As with everything else moderation is key. Too much of any drug can lead to negative side effects.

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