5 Everyday Makeup Bag Essentials You Should Have

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Makeup has become part and parcel of many women’s lives. As such, most women carry a makeup bag to touch up throughout the day or get ready for an evening event. However, you can easily over-pack your makeup bag with things that you might not even need. Whether you’re rocking a full face beat or a natural look, there are some essentials every beauty lover should not leave the house without carrying. Here are some makeup bag essentials you should have.

  1. Hydrating Spray

This makeup bag essential can be a lifesaver not only for your makeup look but also for your skin. On hot days, hydrating spray can help cool your skin down giving you a refreshing feeling. On cold days, it helps replenish the skin’s moisture ensuring that you don’t lose your glow all day long. One of the most popular facial sprays is the Mario Badescu Facial Spray which is great for rejuvenating the skin. However, if you can, get a product that offers multiple benefits like the MAC Fix+ setting spray.

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  1. Lip Gloss

A good lip gloss can drastically change how you look and more women are realizing its value. It not only keeps your lips hydrated but also make them look fuller thus giving you’re a desirable pout. Additionally, you can rock lip gloss without wearing any other makeup or transform your day look to evening glam with little effort giving you a quick solution to any last-minute plans. Dramatic Makeup Looks That Are Surprisingly Easy To Do

Makeup bag. Image from https://www.ellisjamesdesigns.com/product/black-tall-cosmetic-bag/
  1. Makeup Wipes

Makeup wipes are essential in every makeup bag. There’s nothing worse than applying new makeup over the old one. It ends up looking crusty and worse than it did before. Always ensure that you remove the previous makeup before applying a fresh coat. If you don’t wear makeup, you can still use makeup wipes as a cleanser since throughout the day, your skin gets exposed to dirt, oils, and sweat which can cause breakouts if not washed off properly. Here are 7 Tips And Tricks To Remove Makeup Effortlessly

  1. Sunscreen

When you’re packing your makeup essentials for the day, don’t forget to include a sunscreen lotion. A good makeup look starts with a good skincare regimen. It’s essential to protect your skin especially from UV rays which cause fine lines, sunburns, and other skin problems. Therefore, you should include sunscreen in your makeup bag regardless of your makeup routine. Here are the things you should consider when getting a sunscreen – Skincare: The Benefits Of Sunscreen And How To Apply It Properly. Also please make sure you are applying sunscreen the right way – Skincare: 5 Ways You Are Making Your Sunscreen Less Effective Without Even Realizing It

  1. Travel-Size Perfume

A little body odour could give people the wrong impression about you that no flawless makeup look can fix. Though you can’t avoid sweating, you can avoid the undesirable smell of sweat. You should always keep a travel-size perfume in your makeup bag to ensure you smell good throughout the day. Stick to your signature scent so as to have a consistent smell every day. 7 Great Perfumes For The Cold Weather

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