Self-Care: 6 Tips To Live Your Best Mum Life

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Being a mother is quite an exciting experience but it’s not always easy raising kids and still living your best mom life. Most days, you’re too exhausted to even catch up on your favourite TV show. Even when you get some time away from the kids, you realize you still have to handle other personal or professional businesses and you barely get time to yourself. It can be unhealthy to raise kids when you’re not the best version of yourself as this exposes them to a negative environment. Here are some ways to make sure you live your best mum life.

  1. Have An Escape

The first step in living your best mum life is realizing that you may not be able to do what other people who don’t have kids are doing. Therefore, if you used to travel every other weekend, you may have to embrace being a homebody once you become a mom. This doesn’t mean that you have to become a boring person. There are lots of fun things you can do at the comfort of your home to keep you entertained. Here are Hobby Ideas For Mums

  1. Figure Out Your Needs

There’s nothing wrong with catering to your needs when you become a mum no matter how selfish they seem. Whether it’s a weekend getaway with the girls or a makeover, the sooner you know what you need, the better since you’ll be able to create a healthy mom life. This will in turn help you to be happier and more patient in the home. Listen to your body, figure out your needs, and own them.

  1. Eat Nutritiously

As the saying goes, “you can’t pour from an empty cup.” Many mums – especially new mums – tend to push their wellbeing to the side until everyone and everything else is taken care of. Healthy nutrition is important to restore your energy which helps in boosting physical and mental activities. If you find it hard to prepare a meal every day, you can try meal prepping during the weekend. Some Great Foods To Meal Prep Over The Weekend

Stressed out black mother. Image from
  1. Ditch The Perfection

Every mum wants to be the supermum who does it all – prepares food for the kids, keeps the house spotlessly clean, and manages her career. However, this is pretty much impossible and you may end up draining yourself trying to chase perfection. It’s okay to admit that you feel tired every once in a while. Ask someone to help you on such days and treat yourself to a kids-free day.

  1. Befriend Other Mums

It might be time to get new girlfriends. Having friends who can relate to your situation takes the edge off your mom guilt. You can vent to them about your problems as a mum and they know exactly what you’re talking about. Additionally, they can share how they cope with such situations. However, you don’t have to cut off your friends who don’t have kids because they come in handy on days you get to yourself. How To Maintain Strong And Lasting Friendships

  1. Organize Your Life

Having an organization system at home will help ease your work thus giving you more time to yourself. Have a quick cleanup and storage method for the kids’ toys to avoid trashing the whole house. Try to prepare their meals and take care of the important things in advance. Additionally, you can incorporate some alone time in between doing the house chores.

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