Tips On How To Prepare Your Hair For Colouring

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Coloured hair is beautiful. The process is colouring is better and more effective when the hair is prepped and primed. So how do you go about prepping the hair before you apply that dye? Before we tackle this, lets first establish why it is important to prepare your hair for colouring and why you shouldn’t skip this step. 

  • Prepping makes your hair strands absorb the colour to give you the best results.
  • It sets the hair in the right condition, increasing the longevity and vibrance of your hair dye after the colouring process.
  • Prepping rejuvenates and moisturises your strands giving your hair a healthy and nourished look.

What do before colouring your hair

  1. Pre-poo

Pre-poo your hair three days before the hair colouring day. Pre-pooing is synonymous to doing a hot oil treatment, and you may use oils such as olive, coconut, or castor oil. This process is done to strengthen and nourish your hair strands prepping them to take more colour once you get to hair colouring. Check out the best oils to use on your hair 

  2. Wash

Wash the hair after the hot oil treatment. This is to get rid of the dirt, build up and the excess oil. Use a clarifying shampoo as it will leave the hair squeaky clean and thus prepping the hair for the best result. Since you are using a clarifying shampoo, wash the hair 2 days before colouring it, to give it time to recover. Do not condition the hair as this will reintroduce product build-up on the hair shaft. Here’s how to wash kinky hair the right way

Ideally, dirty hair is best for colouring because the build-up acts as a barrier between the scalp and the chemical formulas. But if you must wash, do so days prior to colouring and treat the hair using a deep conditioner of choice, to strengthen and protect the strands. 

   3. Pick the right colour

Colouring your hair weakens the hair shaft which can lead to intense damage if the process is not done right. This is why it’s important to do the necessary research before settling on a colour treatment or dye. Usually, the standard rule is not to go more than two shades darker or lighter if you want a flattering look that suits your skin tone. However, if the lightest shade is what you’re aiming for, seek the help of a professional colourist.

It is not advisable to use highlighting solutions on your hair at one go, as this often leads to damage, weak strands and eventually breakage. 

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One thing to note as you choose your hair colour especially if your hair is natural; is that the bigger the difference between your natural hair colour and your desired shade, the more likely it is that you will experience a loss of texture and curl pattern. 

4. Deep condition

Immediately, after dyeing your hair, do a deep conditioning treatment, to infuse your hair with moisture. A protein treatment is recommended since it adds elasticity and strength to the lifted cuticles which are now prone to breakage.

To make your hair colour stay longer, avoid washing the hair too frequently or in the next two days after colouring it. You should also not use hot water when washing colour treated hair, as it makes the colour fade faster.

 5. Moisturise

To keep your hair looking healthy, bouncy and well-nourished, moisturise immediately after colouring the hair. You can use the LOC method each time you wash your hair or in between washing cycles if ever your hair feels dry.

How to do the LOC method;

  • LOC stands for liquid, oil, and cream. So start by applying a liquid on your hair. You may spritz water mixed with a leave-in conditioner or use a leave-in conditioner by itself.
  • Apply oil on to your hair to seal the moisture. The Best Oils To Use On 4C Hair
  • Apply cream for styling purposes or to add extra shine to your hair.

Would you like to know how to maintain your hair dye? check out how to take care of your colour treated hair.  Also check out Humidity, Dew points & Humectants 101: Why You Need To Understand These Terms If You Have Natural Hair

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