The Singlehood Series: I Was Blind Dating A Guy On Phone Who Said We Met At The Club, Only To Find Out He Was My Uber Driver

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As I sat at home, watching another episode of Shameless with a huge bowl of ice-cream, my phone buzzed. I normally don’t pick up unknown calls because this is Nairobi and most of them turn out to be cons. So, I let it ring until it went silent then I continued watching the series. It rang again which was somehow a confirmation that it might be someone I knew. I answered and a deep voice came in from the other end.

“Hello, Cathy?” he said

“Yes, who is this?”

“I’m Riley. We met at The Hub.”

I remembered that I had been to The Hub recently but I didn’t remember meeting anyone called Riley. However, it was one of my best friend’s birthday and she’s the definition of a socialite. I had never seen that many influencers in one place. There was a chance we met and I forgot.

We talked over the phone for over an hour and he seemed like an interesting person so it became a regular thing. Every night, he’d call and ask about my day. I started having feelings for him despite the fact that we hadn’t met in person. He was my dream guy – funny, knowledgeable, and charming. Oh, and his voice… It could make anyone blush. Every time I talked to him, a wave of emotions swept in and I found myself falling deeper.

However, he always brushed off the idea of our meeting in person. He was ever busy and even after a month of talking, he didn’t seem eager to meet. I was the one pushing for us to go on a date.

“Soon, babe. I have a lot of commitment this week,” he said,

Eventually, I pushed him into a corner and he had no choice but to set up a date. I promised it wouldn’t take more than an hour and we didn’t have to go anywhere. He didn’t seem to object to that.

“I can come with a bottle of wine.” He suggested after I invited him to my place.

“Sounds good,” I replied cheerfully.

I didn’t mind that I was hosting him at my place for our first date. I knew it would be worth it since we always had a good time talking on the phone. Besides, it was more private and we could have a more intimate moment in the house. I couldn’t wait to see him in person. So many questions went through my mind. Was he tall enough? Did his voice sound better in person? Did he smell good?

So far, I knew he was a good dresser and was quite good looking based on the photos he sent me. He also liked to travel which was something we had in common. However, there was still the possibility that we wouldn’t get along when we met. I tried my best to make the ambience in the house seem inviting and warm so that he would be comfortable.

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The day finally came and after agreeing on the meeting time, I started straightening up the place. I had barely sat when a text came in telling me to open the door. He had made his way to my apartment without even giving me a heads up. I found it strange but brushed it off since I was excited to finally meet him. He did look as good in person and his voice was even sexier. I didn’t even bother asking how he knew my apartment number.

We settled in the living room and picked up our conversation from where we left it. Everything was going great except his phone kept buzzing the entire time. However, he assured me it was nothing serious and we continued with our date into the night.

A few drinks later, he ended up spending the night at my place. At 5 am, his phone buzzed again and I assumed it was his alarm clock. He rushed out of bed, got dressed, and headed for the door. He didn’t even say goodbye which I found suspicious again. Luckily, I had a view of the parking lot from my bedroom and I peeped through the window to see where he went.

I wasn’t ready for what I was about to see. He entered this Uber-branded Suzuki Alto and drove off. I finally connected the dots. He seemed familiar because he was my Uber driver the day I went to my friend’s event at The Hub. I felt so stupid but I wasn’t going to let it go that easily. I kept pretending like I didn’t know he was an Uber driver and set up another date. This time, I asked him to take me to the movies. He agreed.

We met at the cinema hall and I acted like everything was good. We got our tickets and headed in. Before the movie had even started, his phone buzzed and he excused himself. At least this time he had the courtesy to tell me that he was leaving. He disappeared for the rest of the movie and I asked him to meet me at the food court since the movie was over.

When he came, I let him know that I was aware of what he did for a living. He was speechless but eventually, he tried to explain why he kept it a secret.

“I knew you wouldn’t give me a chance if you knew I was an Uber driver. Do you how many women have rejected me only because of that?” he said.

“It still doesn’t make it okay that you lied to me. You had so many chances to tell me the truth and would have understood your situation. But we can’t work out now. You even left to do a job on our date. That’s just weird.”

We never spoke after that disastrous date and I hope we don’t meet again especially if he’ll be my Uber driver because I’m giving him a low rating.

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