Best Hairstyles For A Long/Oblong Face Shape

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We would all like to wake up, get the trendiest hairstyle and walk off assured that we can pull it off. However, the reality is each face shape has its best features and the kind of hairstyle best suited for it. While some hairstyles are best suited for a round shape, some are suited for a long face shape. So how do you determine if you have a long face shape or oblong as most people call it? Here are ways to find out;

  1. Look at your face in a mirror. Draw the outline of your face as you see it on the mirror using lipstick or crayons. If the outline looks like an oval/resembles an egg then you have a long face shape. 
  2. Take your measurements using a tape measure. If the length, that is from the forehead to the chin is longer than the distance between your cheekbones, then you have an oblong face shape. Basically, if your face is longer than it is wide, you have a long face shape.

It’s worth noting that an oval face shape and the long/oblong face shape are not the same, although they may look similar. The difference being a long face shape is more elongated than an oval. By the way, these two face shapes can share hairstyles. However, given that the long face shape is the more complex of the two (the oval looks good in almost all hairstyles) we shall be looking at what hairstyles are best suited for a long face shape. 

Celebrity inspirations; (Beyonce-oval, Kelly Rowland – long)

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  1. The blunt bob

Not everyone can rock this bob for how it is unconventional and edgy. However, the long face shape can. The blunt bob on a long face shape draws attention to the chin and jawline giving you that slayer avatar/samurai look, round faces would covet. 

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You can have the bob cut to chin length or wear a longer bob (up to shoulder length) but have it tousled to introduce layers. 

   2. The Middle part

This hairstyle is most flattering on a long face shape because parting the hair in the middle adds width to the face symmetry. Hence instead of going for the side part which elongates your face even more, go for the middle part to break the length of the face. 

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In case you’d like to part the hair on the side, ensure that it has volume to counter the length added. 

   3. Ponytails

The round face is the queen of high ponytails while the long face shape dominates in low ponytails. By tying your hair in a sleek hairstyle and having the bun or pony fall at the back, you expose your ears, adding width to the length of the face. Now that’s a win situation.

   4. Curls & Volume

Any hairstyle with volume especially around the midsection towards the lower half part of your face will look most flattering on an oblong face shape. Think Trace Ellis Ross or Kelly Rowland with voluminous curly hair, they know it and now you know it too.

Blackish actress Trace Ellis in her voluminous natural hair

   5. Bangs

If you have ever wondered who looks best with a fringe or bangs, meet the oblong face shape. Since bangs hide forehead or the top part of your face, this reduces the length of your face to create an oval appearance which is both flattering and appealing. Lest we forget bangs also draw attention to the eye area giving you a reason to go crazy on that smokey eye look. 

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   6. Textured hair

While a sleek push back might look good on a long face shape, the last hairstyle you want to wear is a sleek, long hairstyle as in  Katethe actress or something Cinderella would wear. If you fancy a sleek hair look, keep the hair short or up to the chin. Otherwise for long hairstyles ensure that the hair is layered to round out your face and that it doesn’t go past your shoulders which elongates your face. 

   7. Braids & cornrows

No one can go wrong with braids. However when you style them ensure that you do not pull all your hair to an updo. An alternative is the half-up, half-down hairdo. The secret is not collecting all your hair at the top part, as this adds length rather than breaking it. 

Famous singer and actress Brandi in a half-up half-down hairstyle.

If you’re in the mood for cornrows, wear chunky earrings to bring attention to your ears and jawline, while breaking the length of the face.

  8. Waves, wisps and scrunches

Anything with volume at the sides is guaranteed to look good on you. So rock those waves like you own the beach. 

Tyra Banks rocking crimped hair. Image from

   9. Side-swept hairstyle

If you have a long face shape and you’d like to draw attention to your jewellery and neckline, go with the side-swept long hairstyle. Since sweeping hair to the side will involve a side part, which in turn adds length, get the hair tousled by having wisps or waves to add volume.

Actress Jessica Alba in a side-swept hairdo. Image from

   10. The Pixie

Aren’t you the lucky one to get to wear this hairstyle and not worry about looking like a drenched cat? The pixie is your friend if you are a lover of short hairstyles and edgy cuts. Options include the bowl cute, the cross pixie look, the close-cropped pixie and so much more. 

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We learn rules so we can break them like pros. Therefore the above hairstyles are just but a quick go-to list that you can use when you’re in a hurry or don’t know what to do with your hair. However, you are welcome to try experimenting with hairstyles best suited for other different face shapes to see what other options can look best on you. Once you learn to play with angles, shadows and highlights, you will be able to rock numerous hairstyles.  

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