Sarova Launches The Kitchen And ChiSo Brands At Urban Eatery Westlands

Aarti Devani, Shailender Singh, Director, Food and Bevarage Operations, Sarova and Mira Agarwa. PC Sarova

After identifying the customer base, understanding customer’s needs and preference comes next for any company, especially those in the hospitality sector. This includes hotels and restaurants. Thus to distinguish their brand image and provide products and services that stand out among competitors, hotels and restaurants adopt particular brand strategies that resonate with their goals. While some might opt for co-branding, hospitality leaders like the Sarova Hotels and resorts, diversify into standalone restaurants.

It is with this in mind that Sarova Hotels And Resorts introduced two other brands to its portfolio, known as The Kitchen by Sarova and ChiSo

The Kitchen by Sarova is a reflection of the Hotel’s famous Thorn Tree and Flame Tree cafe style restaurants, with all-day multi-occasion dining offering; Western, African and Indian influenced cuisines.

ChiSo by Sarova, on the other hand, which is inspired by Sarova’s award-winning and celebrated Thai Chi, is a new avatar with a Pan Asian palette of Japanese, Malay, Thai, Indonesian and Chinese cuisine. It also incorporates an aspect of the holistic culture appealing to the yin & yang of 5 senses and tastes.

These two additions were launched in the Urban Eatery Delta Towers located in Westlands, Nairobi, to target food lovers who enjoy a luxurious culinary experience. 


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Speaking during the launch, Sarova Hotels and Resorts Director, Food and Beverage Operations, Shailendar Singh, highlighted that the launch signifies the first step into a brighter future, as Sarova looks out for new and strategically viable projects to diversify its brand.

Not to imply that the hotel hasn’t had its fair share of challenges brought by the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. In fact, to adapt  and cope with the changing times, the hotel has had to employ an out of the box thinking which has led to new opportunities including;

  • Overseas exposure for the hotel’s chefs and Food & Beverage teams,
  • Using the HACCP compliant processes for supply chain logistics to all Sarova hotels,
  • The implementation of first kitchen gardens in all Sarova hotels,
  • Redefined lodge dining, first of its kind, with temperature-controlled tasting plates.
Shailender Singh, Director – Food and Beverage Operations, Sarova With Sarova Staff

Despite the current situation, it is evident that Sarova as part of the hospitality industry is experiencing a wave of reinvention in terms of choice and culinary services.  “That is why we are constantly implementing newer, better, and more efficient ideas of dining, to cater to the broad ever-changing industry,” said Singh, Sarova Hotels and Resorts Director.

The initiative of a major hotel chain taking its brand into restaurants bridges the gap between the hotel dining sector and the standalone restaurants. This is while creating accessibility to guests, who can now enjoy the hotel dining experience at a different setting. 

Sarova hopes this venture will produce a positive multiplier effect in the economy and within the local communities. This is through job creation and the distribution of new skills and expertise.

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