Relationships: 6 Things Women Worry About During Sex

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Poor sex life can negatively affect your relationship with your partner and lower your self-esteem. However, for women, sex can be a touchy subject to talk about even with their partners. As such, many women have suffered in silence as their bedroom affairs go from bad to worse. From slut-shaming to difficulty in orgasming, here are some things women may worry about in bed.

  1. Being Freaky

Let’s start with the root problem. We’re taught to hate our sexuality from a young age and this leads to insecure adults in the bedroom department. However, with the age of technology and half-naked women all over the screens, women have come to embrace being freaky in bed. This doesn’t mean that they don’t worry about judgment from their partner. If they’re too freaky, they may seem like they’ve had a lot of experience and they’re slutty. However, this shouldn’t be a cause of concern as your sex life is your business and it’s all about what makes you happy.

  1. Pregnancy

Whether you’re in a committed relationship or having flings, pregnancy is a real fear in bed. Many women learn about birth control methods later in life and some are still sceptical about using them. As such, getting pregnant is always a looming thought for many women every time they get intimate. This is especially common among young and unmarried women. You can consult your doctor about the best contraceptive method for you if you’re not ready to be a mother but still want to enjoy your sex life. Male Contraceptive Pills: Is This Good News For Us?

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  1. Desirability

From the way they look naked to their body odour, women stress about their desirability in bed. Thanks to the porn industry, there are some unrealistic standards set for how women should look naked. However, every woman can’t attain such standards of beauty. Avoid worrying about things that may be out of your control and instead embrace your own uniqueness. If you need a confidence boost, stand naked in front of the mirror and try to see your beauty. Relationships: 7 Ways To Spice Things Up In The Bedroom 

Black woman laying in bed. Image from
  1. Low Sex Drive

Like men, women also experience low sex drive which might make them embarrassed to admit it or speak up. Stress, diet, medication, and other factors can contribute to a lack of sexual appetite. They may be afraid that their partner will not understand their situation thus making their sex life unbearable. Communication is key in the bed. Therefore, if you experience low sex drive, let your partner know so they can try to spice up things in the bedroom.

  1. Failing To Orgasm

A woman’s orgasm relies on a variety of things which makes it more difficult to get one, unlike their male partners. As such, there’s a lot of pressure for women to orgasm every time they get intimate. Women who can’t orgasm easily fake their pleasure so as to boost the man’s ego and to ease up their guilt of not reaching climax. Try to be open with your partner about things that you like in bed so as to increase your chances of having the big-O. Try These 16 Aphrodisiac Foods To Ignite Your Romance

  1. Pain

Pain during sex is surprisingly common, especially among women. This is mainly a result of inadequate lubrication thus increasing friction. However, there are other reasons why you may be experiencing pain while being intimate such as latex allergies, or injuries during childbirth. The best way to avoid feeling pain is to boost lubrication by using lubricating creams. If the pain persists then you should go see a gynaecologist. Check out Signs You Need To See A Gynaecologist

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